Remarkable Progress in Burundi!

burundi logoThe Burundi 4-H School Gardens program is being enthusiastically implemented at four schools in Burundi.  Teachers, students and community members are making remarkable progress on the program.  The Program Educators and the Agricultural Consultant have been visiting each school weekly to offer encouragement and support to teachers and school administrators.  They are also there to evaluate how the total program is going.  Students are being taught about the need for the gardens and how important they are for a sustaining food source.  And they are learning through science and social studies curriculum about the total process of plant (garden) stewardship.  The youth are excited to be getting their hands dirty by preparing garden sites and planting the seeds themselves.  In addition each school has its own School Garden Management Committee, comprised of students, community members, parents of enrolled students, and school administrators.  These committees help to facilitate transparency, communication and collaboration for everyone involved in the local School Gardens Program.  Many of the teachers at the four schools volunteer their energy and free time to the School Gardens Program just because they are passionate about the program and want to see it succeed.

These teachers are working with inadequate tools and materials.  So our challenge is before us.  We need small incentives for these hard working teachers and, adequate tools and materials for continued learning, experiencing and succeeding for the youth in Burundi.  Please consider donating at:  GlobalGiving:

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For more information on the Burundi 4-H Sister Schools program contact:  Mary Katherine Deen (; Kevin Wright ( or Lauren Hrncirik (

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Burundi Update

JOIN US!  Burundi 4-H School Gardens Have Been Planted! 

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“Impeshi” – “Long Rainy Season” (January – April) has arrived in Burundi. And gardens have been planted at 4 of our Burundi 4-H Sister Schools in Gitega and Bugendana.  A local Agricultural Consultant met with the 4th grade students and educators in January to help with soil preparation and seed planting.  The crops planted so far include carrots, cabbage, green leaved amaranth, and cucumbers.  Students are also learning in the classroom as teachers utilize the USDA Gardening Curriculum, Cultivating Learning with School Gardens throughout the school day.  Next steps for the Burundi 4-H program include teacher trainings with the Agricultural Consultant, obtaining more translated curriculum materials, initiating School Garden Management Committees at each school, and purchasing gardening tools.   YES!  The planting has begun in Burundi and we still have a long way to go to give the program a stronghold in the local schools and communities.  Join Usby continuing with Burundi 4-H as the gardens begin to grow.

Your sustaining support makes it all possible!  Thank you for making a difference in the world.

For more information on the Burundi 4-H Sister Schools program contact:  Mary Katherine Deen (; Kevin Wright ( or Lauren Hrncirik (

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