2018 Know Your Government!!!

Capitol PhotoWhat is KYG and Why Do We Have It?

Know Your Government (KYG) is a civic education program with a four-year rotating topic:  The Legislative System, The Judicial System, Elections and Party Platforms, and Politics and the Media. This year we will explore the topic of How a bill becomes law. It is important to remember though, that KYG is much more than learning about how the Legislative process works.  In fact, one could argue that it is little about that.  KYG and 4-H are about learning the life skills our delegates will need to be responsible citizens and productive adults.  The conference is an opportunity for delegates to practice the skills they have learned, apply their knowledge to unknown situations and reflect on how they did.

Pre-conference meetings

Purpose: teach the skills, provide the tools, and prepare for the project at the KYG Conference.

Participants will learn how to work as part of a team, with people they may or may not know, to get the pre-conference objectives completed.  The pre-conference meetings are a way for delegates to hone these skills so when they get to the conference, they will be prepared to learn the new skills, practice and apply already learned skills, and work with more people they do not know in a mock trial setting. Perhaps even more important than this, they will have an experience that is similar (not necessarily identical) to those of other delegates. Similar experiences will provide a common foundation for all delegates, regardless of geographic, political or other differences.

Learning something new and working with other delegates with different perspectives can be uncomfortable.  Pre-conference meetings are a way to help delegates feel comfortable about what will be happening at the conference so they feel safe to experience something new.


The statewide conference in Olympia

Purpose: bring high school students from across the state to share ideas, concerns, and potential solutions to problems; to learn about Washington State government and how to become a positive contributing citizen; and to strengthen the connection between youth and our political and social networks through education, experience, application, and inspiration

A value of 4-H KYG is that it provides the opportunity for our delegates to explore new ideas and perspectives in a safe environment.  We encourage delegates with different views to work together, not to change each other’s minds, but to learn from each other.  Encouraging discussion when people disagree and providing an opportunity to explore the issue in a non-threatening way demonstrates to the delegates that they can disagree on an issue but still work together.  Ideally, these discussions will help delegates explore why they carry a certain belief and assist them in putting their own beliefs into practice. Remember, one of the intentional life skills we are focusing on this year is communication.

At the conference this year, delegates will participate in the legislative process. Through pre-conference orientation, participants will learn about the Legislature and how it works with the other two branches of government; the executive and judicial branches. They will also learn how a bill becomes law in Washington State. At the conference in February, teens will take on the role of lobbyist. Delegates should learn that many bills are product of compromise and negotiation. For example, in order for a bill to pass through both chambers, the supporters of the bill have to take in the consideration of many groups. A bill that may make perfect sense to a particular delegation may have very different implications for a family in another area of the state or the business owner right next door.

What is the Vision and Mission of the Know Your Government Conference?

Vision Statement: The 4-H Know Your Government Conference empowers youth and adults to engage in leadership, citizenship and life skill development and application. 

Mission Statement: The Know Your Government (KYG) Conference serves to strengthen the connection between youth and our political and social networks through education, experience, application, and inspiration. The civic focus topic and activities experienced through the KYG program are all vehicles to provide the opportunity and framework to develop these values:

  • inquiry
  • regard for others
  • respect/cultural competence
  • positive communication
  • strengthening personal values

Educational Objectives

During pre-conference county orientation meetings, participants will learn about the Washington State Legislature of government and how it works interactively with the executive and judicial branches. In addition, delegates will become familiar with:

It is important the delegates realize that they have a huge voice in this process, especially since any citizen of the state can testify for or against a bill during the hearing process or send an email to his/her senator or representative voicing their support or concerns about upcoming legislation.  ANY person of ANY age can voice his/her opinion about a bill.

From pre-conference county meetings and conference participation, the 4-H KYG committee believes delegates will have the opportunity to learn all or some of the following:

  • Familiarity with the Legislative process;
  • Realization that democracy requires responsible citizenship/participation and teamwork;
  • Experience with parliamentary procedure
  • Life Skill development with an intentional focus on:
  • Knowledge of his or her state legislative district, and an awareness of issues that affect his or her district leading to responsible citizenship
    • Accepting Differences: Treating people who are different from me with respect
    • Decision Making: Choosing among several alternatives.
    • Responsible Citizenship: Developing individual devotion in response to duties, rights and privileges as a member of a community or country

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