Planning Committee

Each member of the Know Your Government committee is responsible for a specific aspect of the conference. If you have questions, please contact the appropriate committee member.

Jan Klein
4-H Adolescent leadership Specialist Curriculum

WSU Extension Office
PO Box 1495
Spokane, WA 99210-1495
Office: (509) 358-7937
Cell: (509) 220-7937

Melissa Beard
Civic Advisor

Phone: (360) 402-0582


Clinton Gauthier
Tech Coordinator/Collegiate Advisor

Phone: (360) 672-0330

Jessica Laughery
Legislative Liaison/Legislative Dinner

Phone: (509) 552-0197

Alex Laughery
Collegiate/Conference Facilitator Advisor

Phone: 509-901-9047

Dorothy Elsner
Adult Resource Liaison/Community Service

Phone: 360-630-4032

Carlie Arreola
4-H Collegiate

Phone: 509-480-3792

Gayle Ashowrth
Washington 4-H Foundation

Phone: (253) 445-4570

Marianne Walters
Adult Resource Liaison/Courtroom Specialist

Phone: 360-301-2908

Oakley Zitkovich
Conference Facilitator Lead

Phone: 360-746-1584

Jon Gabelein
Education Specialist

Phone: 360-661-3744

Washington State University