Youth College Scholarships

Program Contact: Kim Belanger, 4-H Coordinator
(509) 243-2009 •

Scholarship Opportunities for Senior High School and/or College students

Agriculture Committee Essay Scholarship Contest

Application is due on or before Friday, February 24, 2017

  • Two Available-$1000, $500: One scholarship in the amount of $1000 will be awarded, payable in two payments of $500 at the beginning of each semester of the first year of college. One scholarships in the amount of $500 will be awarded, payable in two payments of $250 at the beginning of each semester of the first year of college.
  • The scholarship will be given to the registrar’s office at any institution of higher learning, to be used for tuition, fees, room or board.
  • Any graduating senior resident in Nez Perce County of Idaho, Asotin County of Washington, Garfield County of Washington, Latah County of Idaho, or Lewis County of Idaho, who meets the following requirements:
  1. The applicant must have been a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) or 4-H during their youth, or have significant work related experience in agriculture.
  2. The applicant must intend to pursue further education at an institution of higher learning in the fall immediately following high school graduation.
  3. The applicant must have a minimum G.P.A. that allows them to attend the college of their choice.

Race, religion, gender, or financial need will not be determining factors in making the award. Students intending to pursue their studies full-time will be preferred, but part-time students will be considered.

Agriculture Committee Scholarship

Washington State 4-H is pleased to offer a number of different scholarships.

Deadline: March 15th
Current and former Washington State 4-H members are eligible to apply.

Applicants must have accumulated at least two years of 4-H affiliation.  Previous Washington State 4-H scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply.

Washington 4-H Scholarships require all seven pieces of the Washington State 4-H Scholarship Application Packet. Each applicant will be considered for all Washington State 4-H Scholarships.

These scholarships may be used at any institution offering post-secondary education (i.e. Washington State University, other state universities, technical colleges, community colleges, trade schools, etc.).

A 4-Her may be awarded only one of the following Washington scholarships:  For information and application go to:

  • Thomas R. Quann Scholarship Fund – $1,000 (one available)
  • Washington State 4-H Foundation Scholarship– $1,000 (one available)
  • Lewis County 4-H Leaders Scholarships– $500 (one available); $1,000 (two available)
  • M. Plummer Memorial Scholarship– approximately $575 (One available)
  • Orville Young Memorial Scholarship– $500 (one available)
  • Washington State 4-H Foundation Dairy Endowment Scholarship– $500 (two available) (Click here for additional details and requirements)

Send application packets to: (must be postmarked by March 15)

Gayle Ashworth
Washington State 4-H Foundation
2606 W Pioneer
Puyallup, WA 98371-4998
(253) 445-4570


Avista-NWFCS/Garber/WSU CAHNRS Scholarships

Deadline: March 31st

To apply for the following scholarships, click here: Apply Now! You may apply for all scholarships where you meet the requirements.

  • Avista/NWFCS 4-H Scholarship– $1000 (10 available). You must be currently enrolled in 4-H, a senior in high school, and plan to attend a two or four-year college. You must be a resident of one of the following counties:  Adams, Asotin, Ferry, Grant, Klickitat, Lincoln, Skamania, Spokane, Stevens, or Whitman.
  • WSU CAHNRS 4-H Scholarship – $3,000 (two available). You must have been a 4-H Club member for at least two years, leader among your peers, and plan to attend the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University your freshman year.


Local Agricultural Organization Scholarships

Submit applications to Extension Office by Friday, March 31st, 2017

  • Two $400 Asotin County Wheat Growers scholarships will be available to a senior from each high school in Asotin County (one for a Clarkston student and one for an Asotin student). Graduates of CHS or AHS who are 1st year college students may also apply.
  • The Asotin County Cattlemen are offering at least one $300 scholarship to a senior from either Asotin or Clarkston High School. Graduates of CHS or AHS who are 1st year college students may also apply.
  • The Asotin County CattleWomen are offering one or more scholarships to a high school senior attending either Clarkston or Asotin High Schools. Graduates of CHS or AHS who are 1st year college students may also apply.

2017 Asotin County Ag Scholarship application


Asotin County 4-H Horse Scholarship

Applications are due into the Asotin County Extension Office by Mar 31, 2017

  • One annual scholarship shall be awarded to a graduating high school senior of Asotin County actively involved in a 4-H horse project who plans for advanced education in a 2 year or 4 year college or university.
  • To qualify, the member must have been an active Asotin County 4-H member for at least 3 years.
  • The scholarship amount will be determined by the Asotin County 4-H Horse Leaders Committee.

4-H Horse Scholarship 2017

Past Scholarship Winners

4-H/FFA Horse Scholarship

2016 – Mikalah Marbach

2015 – No applicants
2014 – Kayla Nuxoll and Tabitha Forkner
2011 – Rayla Carlson
2010 – Christie Thompson
2009 – No applicants
2008 – Jaimie Berghammer, Randi Montgomery

Asotin County Cattlemen

2016 – Keaton Brenner and Trevor Sperry, $300 each

2015 – Lucy Eggleston and Chandler Teigen, $300 each
2014 – Dana Borland, $300
2013 – Katie Hendrickson, $300
2012 – Chase Teigen, Asotin High School, $300
2011 – Katie Hendrickson (AHS) and Alexis Land (CHS), $300 each
2010 – Sara Browne (AHS) and Frederick Haberman (AHS), $300 each
2009 – David Franklin, Asotin High School, $200
2008 – Elizabeth Pettit, Asotin High School, $200
2007 – Jodi Moss, Asotin High School, $150

Asotin County Cattlewomen

2016 – Keaton Brenner, Trevor Sperry, and Audrey Williams, $500 each

2015 – Lucy Eggleston, CJ Johnson and Chandler Teigen, $500 each
2014 – Miranda Beuke, Alex Dimke and Hannah Roach, $500 each
2013 – Katie Hendrickson, $500
2012 – Josie Flerchinger, $500
2011 – Alexis Land, $500
2010 – Sara Browne, (AHS), Frederick Haberman (AHS), and Riley Swanson (CHS), $350 each
2009 – Rachel Ausman (AHS), RaeDawn Robinson (AHS) and Tate Witters (AHS), $500 each

Asotin County Wheat Growers

2016 – Hailey Ball (AHS), $400 – in memory of Lynn ‘Pip’ Ausman

Pierce Claassen (CHS), $400 – in memory of Archie Claassen

2015 – Lucy Eggleston (AHS) and Monica Hall (CHS), $400 each
2014 – Miranda Beuke (AHS) and Dana Borland (CHS), $300 each
2013 – No applicants
2012 – Josie Flerchinger (CHS), $500 Chase Teigen (AHS) $250, Megan Roach (AHS) $250
2011 – Clint Johnsen (AHS), Alexis Land (CHS), $300 each
2010 – Frederick Haberman – Asotin High School, $300
2009 – Tate Witters (AHS) and David Franklin (AHS), $300 each
2008 – Elizabeth Pettit (AHS) and Jaimie Berghammer (CHS), $200 each
2007 – Jodi Moss (AHS), $150
2006 – Alia Broemmeling (AHS) and Carrie Pendleton (CHS), $150 each

Avista/NW Farm Credit Services

2016 – Kylee Andrews, $1000

2015 – Rachael Belanger, $1000
2014 – Miranda Beuke, $500