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Our mission is to promote health and wellness for underserved and at-risk populations through research, education and community development.



Traumatic stress is commonly recognized as a public health crisis, resulting in negative health, social, and emotional outcomes throughout a person’s life. By recognizing trauma as a common problem and responding early to the needs of individuals and communities with trauma histories, we strive to create robust, responsive, compassionate systems which lead to virtuous cycles of repair


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Current Events

CAFRU presented a three-part lecture series on the nature of human development across the lifespan. Click on the link below for more information:

Lecture Series: OUR Community, OUR health, OUR future



Through our research we strive to promote health and wellness for underserved and at-risk populations. Click the link below for more information on our research projects:




Our Focus-Complex Trauma

What is Complex Trauma? Complex trauma is the unpredictable and chronic exposure to a cluster of events, most often within a child’s care-giving system, that is intended to be a child’s primary source of safety and stability. Click the link below for more information.

Complex Trauma