“The Learning Ready Brain” animated video is now available

May 31st, 2017

The “Learning Ready Brain” animated video was designed to provide students, educators and parents a common language to express their emotions and what to do if feelings become overwhelming. Originally developed by Dr. Dan Siegel for use at home, the Child and Family Research Unit was granted permission to adapt this concept to be used at school, emphasizing how to be “learning ready”. The lesson highlights strategies that can help get us back to learning ready if students have “big emotions” and what activities are important to keep our brains healthy and ready to learn.

To view the video: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page. Or, from our home page, select “Our Work in Education”, “CLEAR Website”, “Resources”.

This video was a collaboration with WSU Extension, The Child and Family Research Unit, The Collaborative Learning for Education, Achievement and Resiliency (CLEAR) Team, WSU School of Nursing Multimedia, Nathan Taylor, Illustrator, Ron Allen, Storymakers Production.