CEG Native-Blended Garden

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nativegarden2010In the Southeast corner of the Community Education Garden, a section of Washington native plants segues to a blended home garden of shrubs, trees and perennials. The combination demonstrates ideas for incorporating native plants into an urban landscape, as well as ideas for season-long interest through combinations of perennials for texture, bloom color and bloom time. This area of the garden also demonstrates different irrigation techniques and mulch covers. Some sections are irrigated with inline drip, some with low-flow sprinklers, or microsprinklers. Mulches include gravel and bark.

The garden is divided into eight general areas. This list is current to March, 2011. The garden is still developing.

Plants native to Washington may find a place in home gardens in central Washington. Read and download our booklet for details on native plants in our garden, and visit them in our garden throughout the seasons to evaluate how they may perform in your garden. Native Plants for Home Landscaping from the Native Plants ‘n More Garden.

1A- Entrance

Family Color Size Bloom Time Native To Zone
Achillea milefolium Apricot Delight Asteraceae (Compositae) orang 24×18 Spring Europe & Asia 3-9
Achillea milefolium Pomegranate Asteraceae (Compositae) red 24×18 Spring Europe & Asia 3-9
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Kinnikinnick Ericaceae white 4×36 Spring Central WA 5-8
Artemisia frigida, Prairie Wormwood Asteraceae (Compositae) 12×12 Central WA 4-8
Delosperma basuticum ‘White Nugget’ Arizoaceae white 2″x15″ Summer Southwest US 5-8
Delosperma dyeri ‘Red Mountain’ Arizoaceae red 2″x15″ Summer Southwest US 5-8
Guem chiloense ‘Blazing Sunset’ Roseceae red 12×12 Spring Chile 5-8
Helianthemum nummularium ‘Belhravia’ Cistaceae Rose 2″x15″ Summer Europe 5-8
Helianthemum nummularium ‘Ben Nevis’ Cistaceae orang 2″x15″ Summer Europe 5-8
Leymus cinereus, Basin Wild Rye Poaceae ( Gramineae ) 5’x18 Central WA 5-8
Penstemon beardtounge ‘Blue Lips’ Scrophulariaceae blue 10×15 Spring Southwest US 4-7
Penstemon eriantherus whitedii – sand penstemon Scrophulariaceae blue 15×12 Spring Central WA 4-9
Philadellphius x virginialis- dwarf mock orange Hyrangeaceae (Philadelphaceae) white 3’x3′ Spring North America 4-8
Phlox grayii – pink phlox Polemoniaceae pink 3×15 Spring Southwest US 5-9
Phlox subulata ‘Snowflake’ Polemoniaceae white 2×12 Spring Eastern USA 5-8
Potentilla fruiticosa ‘Sienne Red’ Roseceae t.cotta 24×24 Summer Central WA 5-8
Rhus glabra- smooth sumac Anacardiaceae 10’x6′ Central WA 4-9


1B- Perennials- Springwater Side

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Achillea milefolium ‘Moonshine’ Asteraceae (Compositae) yellow 24×18 Spring Europe & Asia 4-9
Oenthera macrocarpa – Missouri evening primrose Onagraceae yellow 10×12 Spring Southcentral US 5-9
Pinus edulis – Trinidad dwarf pinyon pine Pinaceae green 18×18 Western US 4-8


2- Washington Natives

Read details about some of these plants in Native Plants for Home Landscaping from the Native Plants ‘n More Garden.

Family Color Size Bloom
Balsamorhiza hookeri – Hooker’s balsamroot Asteraceae (Compositae) yellow 8×8 Spring
Calochrtus marocarpus & nuttallii, miraposa lily Lilaceae multi 8×4 Spring
Castilleja elmeri, Wenatchee Mtn. paint brush Scrophulariaceae pink 15×24 F
Ceanothus prostratus – prostrate wild lilac Rhamnaceae 4×18
Cornus sericea – Osier red twig dogwood (baileyi’s) Cornaceae 6’x4′
Erigeron linearis line-leaved daisy Asteraceae (Compositae) yellow 6×12 Spring
Eriogonum heracleiodes – creamy buckwheat Polygonaceae cream 12×12 Spring
Eriogonum sphaerocephalum – round headed buckwheat Polygonaceae yellow 12×12 Spring
Eriophyllum lanatum – wooly sunflower Asteraceae (Compositae) yellow 9×12 Spring
Heuchera cylindrica – round leaved alumroot Saxifragaceae white 12×12 Spring
Junipurus scopulorum  Rocky Mountain juniper Cupressaceae 10’x6′
Lupinus polyphyllus – big leaf lupine Legumninosea blue 18×18 Spring
Monardella odoratissima – coyote mint Lamiaceae (Labiatae) purple 12×12 Summer
Oenothera caespitosa – desert evening primrose Onagraceae white 10×24 Spring
Penstemon attenuatus- slufer pen. or taper leaved pen. Scrophulariaceae
Penstemon davidsonii –  Davidson’s penstemon Scrophulariaceae purple 6×18 Spring
Penstemon deustus, Hot Rocks Scrophulariaceae white 12×12 Spring
Penstemon eatonii, firecracker penstemon Scrophulariaceae red 30×24 Spring
Penstemon richardsonii, Cut-leaf penstemon Scrophulariaceae purple 15×30 Summer
Salvia dorrii – purple sage Lamiaceae (Labiatae) purple 6×24
Spiraea douglasii – Douglas spirea Rosaceae pink 4’x2′ Spring
Sympgoricarpus albus – common snowberry Caprifoliaceae pink 3’x2′


4- Gravel-Mulched Area

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Agava havardiana – Harvard’s century plant Agavaceae blue 30×36 Southwest US 5-9
Agava toumeyana v. Bella Agavaceae green 12×12 Southwest US 5-9
Amelanchier x grandifloria ‘Autumn Brillance’ Rosaceae white 20’x10′ Spring Northwest US 4-9
Artemisia versicolor ‘Seafoam’ Asteraceae (Compositae) 8×24 Western US 4-9
Artemisia, rigida – stiff sagebrush Asteraceae (Compositae) 2’x2′ Western US 4-9
Echinacereus triglochidiatus ‘Claret Cup’ – hedghog cactus Cactaceae red 8×8 Spring Southwest US 5-9
Eriogonum umbellatum – Kannah Creek buckwheat Polygonaceae yellow 8×15 Spring West US 3-8
Hesperaloe parviflora, Texas Red yucca Agavaceae coral 30×18 Summer Texas 5-9
Opuntia polyacanthus – prickly pear cactus Cactaceae yellow 1×12 Spring Washington 4-9
Penstemon pinifolius merssa Scrophulariaceae yellow 8″x15″ Spring Western US 4-9
Penstemon strictus- Rocky Mountain penstemon Scrophulariaceae blue 10×15 Spr-Sum Western US 4-9
Yucca baccata – bananna yucca Agavaceae cream 12×12 Spring Southwest US 5-9
Yucca filamentosa ‘Bright Edge’ Agavaceae cream 18×18 Spring Southwest US 5-9
Zauschneria garrettii ‘Mountain Flame’ Onagraceae orange 12×18 Summer Southwest 4-9
Zauschneria garrettii ‘Orange Carpet’ Onagraceae orange 6×15 Spr-Sum Southwest 4-9


4- Gravel-Mulched Area Around the Telephone Pole

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Clematis x lawsoniana Henryi Ranunculaceae white 10’x5” Summer Western US 5-8
Dianthus pink 8×8 Spring
Heuachra – coral bells Saxifragaceae Red 12×12 Spring North America 3-8
Heuachra ‘Hercules’ – coral bells Saxifragaceae red 12×12 Spring North America 4-8
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ Poaceae (Gramineae) grass 5’x18 Japan 5-9
Muhlenbergia reverchonii ‘Autumn Ember’s Poaceae (Gramineae) grass 24×24 Japan 5-9
Nepeta ‘Little Titch’ Lamiaceae (Labiatae) blue 8×18 sf Europe 4-9
Salvia ripans -West Texas sage Lamiaceae (Labiatae) blue 48×18 sf Texas 5-10
Scutellaria Violet Cloud – hybrid scullcap Lamiaceae (Labiatae) purple 10×12 Spring Western US 4-8
Veronica pectinata ‘Blue Wooly’ speedwell Scrophulariaceae blue 2×15 Spring Mediterranean 4-9


5- Blended Perennials & Shrubs in Middle Section

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Camassia quamash – small camas Liliacea blue 6×6 Spring Washington 4-8
Caryopterisxclandonensis lisgura, Hint of Gold Verbenaceae blue 24×24 Summer Asia 5-9
Caryopterisxclandonensis ‘Dark Knight’ Verbenaceae blue 24×24 Summer Asia 5-8
Lewiaia tweedi-  lewisia Portulacaeae multi 8×6 Spring Washington 4-8
Delphinium x antholeucum – larkspur Ranunculaceae blue 12×8 Spring Washington 4-8
Delphinium x antholeucum- larkspur Ranunculaceae white 12×8 Spring Washington 4-8
Digitalis ambigua randiflora  – foxglove Scrophulariaceae yellow 30×12 Summer Western USA 4-8
Festuca mairei ‘Atlas’ – fescue Poaceae (Gramineae) 2’x2′ Morocco 5-8
Geranium Rozzanne – hardy geranium Geraniaceae blue 18×30 Summer Himalayans 5-8
Gingko biloba, Princeton Sentry  – gingko Ginkgoaceae 30’x6′ China 4-9
Larix kaempfer ‘Wolterdingen’ larch Pinaceae 3’x4′ Japan 4-7
Lupinus lupine ‘Russell’ Hybrids Fabaceae (Leguminosae) multi 30×12 Summer No.America 4-7
Penstemon mexicali  Red Rocks Scrophulariaceae reddish 24″x18″ Summer South West 5-9
Penstemon pinifolius, Mersea Scrophulariaceae yellow 24×15 Spring Western US 4-9
Physocarpus opulifolius, Coppertina Ninebark Rosaceae white 6’x4′ Spring No. America 4-8
Picea pungens, Colorado Blue Spruce Baby Blue Ey Pinaceae 10’x6′ Rocky Mts 4-8
Pinus cambra, Chalet Swiss Stone Pine Pinaceae 10’x4′ Europe 4-7
Pinus heildreichii leucodermis, Bosnian Pine Pinaceae 30’x8′ Balkins 5-8
Pinus parviflora, Hagoromo Japanese White Pine Pinaceae 4’x4′ Japan 5-8
Sambucus racemosa, Southerlands Gold Elderberry Caprifoliaceae 8’x6′ No. America 5-8
Stachys coccinea, Scarlet Hedgenettle Lamiaceae (Labiatae) red 18×18 Summer South West 5-9


6- Island with Dart’s Gold

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Achillea millefolium Apricot Delight Asteraceae (Compositae) peach 18×12 Spring Europe & Asia 5-9
Agastache aurantiaca, Shades of orange Lamiaceae (Labiatae) red/o 24×18 Summer South West 6-9
Agastche Acapulco Salmon and Pink Lamiaceae (Labiatae) multi 24×15 Summer South West 5-9
Agastche rugosum, Korean Hyssop Lamiaceae (Labiatae) blue 24×15 Summer Korea 5-9
Aster ericoides, Monte Casino Aster Asteraceae (Compositae) white 18×24 Fall Eastern No. Am. 4-8
Chanaecypari nootkatensis,Van der akker’s Weeping Cedar Cupressaceae 25×8 Pacific Coast 5-8
Echinacea Flame Thrower Asteraceae (Compositae) red 24×18 Summer No. America 5-8
Echinacea Hot Lava Asteraceae (Compositae) orange 24×18 Summer No. America 5-8
Echinacea paradoxa ‘Ozark’- coneflower Asteraceae (Compositae) yellow 40×18 Summer Arkansas 4-9
Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’ Asteraceae (Compositae) red 28×18 Summer North America 4-9
Festuca amethytisa Suberba Blue Fescue Poaceae (Gramineae) grass 15×15 Central Europe 4-8
Festuca tenuifolia ‘Angel Hair’ Poaceae (Gramineae) grass 10×6 Central Europe 4-8
Geranium ‘Rosanne’ Geraniaceae blue 19×36 Himalayan Mts 5-8
Melica ciliata, Silky-Spike Melic Grass Poaceae (Gramineae) grass 18×18 Europe & Asia 6-9
Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Dart’s Gold’ -ninebark Rosaceae White 6’x4′ Spring No. America 4-8


7- Blended Garden at Entrance Under Cotinus

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Achillea ageratifolia, Greek Yarrow Asteraceae (Compositae) white 4×18 Spring Greece 4-8
Achillea serbica, Serbian Yarrow Asteraceae (Compositae) white 4×15 Spring Serbia 4-9
Aethionema schistosum, Fragrant Persian Stonecress Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) pink 10×15 Spring Mediteranean 4-8
Agastache Blue Blazes Lamiaceae (Labiatae) lav 48×24 Summer No. America 5-9
Agastache Blue Fortune, Hybrid Hyssop Lamiaceae (Labiatae) blue 36×18 Summer North Central US 4-10
Agastache Desert Sunrise Hybrid Lamiaceae (Labiatae) rose 40×24 Summer Southwest 5-10
Agastache neomexicana Lamiaceae (Labiatae) pink 18×18 Summer Southwest 5-10
Asarum caudatum, Wild Ginger Aristolochiaceae free West Coast 5-8
Cotinus coggygria, Royal Purple Smoke Tree Anacardiaceae 15’x15′ China 4-9
Echinacea purpurea, Magnus Asteraceae (Compositae) pink 36×18 Summer North Central US 4-9
Echinacea purpurea, Rubinstern Ruby Star Coneflower Asteraceae (Compositae) pink 40×18 Summer North Central US 4-9
Echinacea x tennessaensis, RockyTop Hybrid Asteraceae (Compositae) pink 24×15 Summer Tennessee 4-9
Leucanthemum superbum Becky Asteraceae (Compositae) white 24×18 Summer Southwest 4-8
Liatris ligulistylis, Blazing Meadow Asteraceae (Compositae) rose 18×12 Summer East & Central US 4-8
Penstemon pseudospectabiles, Desert Beardtongue Scrophulariaceae pink 36×18 Summer Southwest 5-9
Physostegia verginiana, Miss Manners Lamiaceae (Labiatae) white 24×18 Summer Central & East US 4-8
Pulsatilla vulgaris, Pasque Flower Ranunculaceae white 8×8 Spring Central Europe 4-8
Pulsatilla vulgaris, Pasque Flower Ranunculaceae purp 8×8 Spring Central Europe 4-8
Stachys lavandulifolius Pink Cotton Lamb’s Ear Lamiaceae (Labiatae) pink 8×12 Spring Caucasus 5-9
Veronica spicata Pink Panther Scrophulariaceae pink 12×12 Summer Europe & Asia 5-9


8- Western Wall Area

Family Color Size Bloom
Native To Zone
Acer platanoides, Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Aceraceae 20’x10′ Europe Asia 4-9
Agastache Ava Hummingbird Mint Lamiaceae (Labiatae) pink 40×28 Summer Southwest 5-10
Aster laterifolius, Lady In Black Asteraceae (Compositae) purp 24×24 Fall No. America 3-8
Berberis thunbergii, Gentry Royal Burgundy Barberry Berberidaceae 2’x2′ Japan 5-9
Berberis thunbergii, Rose Glow Barberry Berberidaceae 3×3 Japan 5-9
Calamagrostis, Overdam Poaceae (Gramineae) 5’x2′ Europe 5-9
Calamagrostis,Karl Foester Poaceae (Gramineae) Europe 4-9
Chaenomeles speciosa, Cameo Flowering Quince Rosaceae coral 30×30 Spring China 5-9
Cornus sericea flaviramea, Yellow Twig Dogwood Cornaceae white 5’x3′ Spring Northwest 4-8
Echinacea purpurea alba, White Swan Asteraceae (Compositae) white 15×18 Summer No. America 4-9
Echinacea purpurea Magnus Asteraceae (Compositae) pink 28×18 Summer No. America 4-9
Festuca amethytisa, Superba Fescue Poaceae (Gramineae) 15″x15″ Central Europe 5-9
Festuca cinerea, Golden Toupee Poaceae (Gramineae) white 8×12 Spring Europe 5-9
Gaura Cloud of Butterflies Onagraceae white 24×24 Summer Mid South USA 5-9
Gladiolus oppositiflorus v salmoneus, Salmon Glad Iridaceae coral 36×18 Summer South Africa 5-9
Helictorichon sempervirens, Blue Oat Grass Poaceae (Gramineae) 18×12 Mediterranean 4-9
Iris Mystery Iridaceae peach 12×8 Spring Europe 4-9
Iris scented Mystery Iridaceae yell 8×8 Spring Europe 4-9
Iris pallida varigated Iridaceae blue 18×18 Spring Europe 4-9
Juniperus chinensis, Old Gold Juniper Cupressaceae 4’x4′ China Japan 4-9
Melampodum leucanthemum, Blackfoot Daisy Asteraceae (Compositae) white 10×15 Summer Southwest 5-10
Miscanthus sinensis, Silberfeder Poaceae (Gramineae) 6’x3′ East Asia 4-9
Nepeta x faassenii, Pixie Pink Lamiaceae (Labiatae) pink 12×12 Sp-Sum Europe 4-9
Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens, Black Mondo Ruscaceae grass 12×10 Korea Japan 6-9
Origanum x rotkugel, Ornimental Oregano Lamiaceae (Labiatae) lav 12×18 Turkey Cyprus 5-9
Penstemon cardinalis, Cardinal Beardtongue Scrophularaceae pink 24×15 Summer New Mexico 5-9
Phlomis russeliana, Hardy Jerusalem Sage Lamiaceae (Labiatae) yellow 36×20 Spring Syria 4-10
Phlox subulata, Emerald Pink Phlox Polemoniaceae pink 4×15 Spring Eastern USA 4-9
Pinus edulis, Farmy Dwarf Pinyon Pine Pinacea green 24×24 Southwest 4-9
Pinus flexillis, Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Pine Pinacea 20’x10′ Southwest 4-9
Salvia microphylla, Maraschino Lamiaceae (Labiatae) red 18×18 Summer Southwest 6-10
Sedum makinol, Ogon Stonecrop Crassulaceae 4×12 Mediterranean 6-9
Sedum spectabile Neon Crassulaceae 12×10 Summer China Korea 3-9
Sedum telephium, Autumn Fire Crassulaceae red 14×12 Summer E.Europe Asia 3-9
Solidago Little Lemon Goldenrod Asteraceae (Compositae) yellow 10×15 Spring No. America 4-9
Spiraea betulifolia, Tor Spirea Rosaceae pink 30×30 Northwest 4-9
Spiraea japonica, Goldflame Rosaceae pink 30×30 Japan China 4-9
Spiraea japonica, Goldmound Spirea Rosaceae pink 3’x4′ Japan China 4-9
Spiraea japonica, Magic Carpet Rosaceae pink 18×30 Japan China 4-9
Spiraea japonica, Neon Flash Spirea Rosaceae pink 4’x4′ Japan China 4-9
Spiraea nipponica, Snowmound Spirea Rosaceae white 24×36 Japan 4-9
Stachys monieri, Hummelo Alpine Lamb’s Ear Lamiaceae (Labiatae) purple 18×15 Summer Caucasus 4-8
Thymus pseudolanuginosus, Wooly Thyme Lamiaceae (Labiatae) green 1×18 Mediterranean 4-8
Thymus serpyllum,Ohme Gardens Thyme Lamiaceae (Labiatae) pink 2×18 Spring Mediterranean 4-9

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