Fit Fathers Testimonials

Program Contact: Family & Human Development Extension Educator
(509) 667-6540

Testimonials of Program

Past participants have said:

“Thank you for the class. It really made me think about my parenting skills and taught me a lot. ”

“I liked doing the yoga class it was very helpful to clear my mind resulting in a relief of stress thank you.”

“It opened up my eyes to getting out and doing more fun things with my daughter.” “I will use the handouts for future reference.”

Participants journal in between sessions as part of the program. During graduation many share excerpts that demonstration their growth process. One such participant gave permission for me to post this poem to his three children in January 2011:

From J.D.

“Timothy (age 20), Jayden (age 12), Chantel (age 10), when I think about the 3 of you
I’ll tell you that I have nothing but true love.
For you 3 have my blood that is flowing with the same love.
It is made from #1, our Heavenly Lord from above.
How it has come 2B that I am note around you 3?
It is not because I lack the 1 love which I certainly
do have for you 3.
I will say this “I do very much want you 3 2B around!
It is myself, this 1, who I do not know.
These Fit2bFAthers classes I am taking are working on this.
So bear with me, it is in our future that we will grow.
With a throw from my heart I am sending you a kiss with this note
I promise to make you proud in this worldly crowd.
You will be able to laugh out loud and smile at the grayest of a cloud.
‘cus you will now that your Father has you in his very own heart.
I hope this fitfather2b can make you 3 very proud.
I do love you 3 so very dearly, you 3 will soon see this all
too clearly. My gray clouds will soon part allowing you 3
to see into my Heavenly heart.
From this 1 to my 3, 2b 1 we will be.
I love you 3, I am now Fit2byourFather.

Washington State University