4-H Camping

Program Contact: Tracie Hanson, 4-H Program Coordinator
(360) 482-2934 • tracie.hanson@wsu.edu

Grays Harbor County 4-H Youth Development offers a variety of camping programs for 4-H members.

Panhandle Lake 4-H Camppanhandle 2

Campers have been enjoying the beauty of Panhandle Lake 4-H Camp for over 60 years! This outdoor paradise includes forest, wetlands, and facilities to accommodate camping programs, retreats, and natural resource education. A lodge, dining hall, dormitories, Yurt, equestrian facilities, and Adirondack style cabins make Panhandle an ideal location for recreation and education. To learn more about Panhandle Lake 4-H Camp click here.

4-H Summer Camp

Looking for some adventure blended with a traditional camping experience? summer campCampers spend the week enjoying a myriad of activities, including swimming, hiking, arts, music, cooking, and making new friends! Awaken to birds singing and fall asleep to the stars (or exhaustion). Bring your positive energy and your sense of adventure! Grays Harbor County 4-H Camp will take place from July 8-13th. Please consider joining us for a week of fun and learning with your friends.
Cost:  $150 for 4-H members enrolled by April 1st and paid in full by June 1st
Cost:  $175 for other community members and and registrations received after June 1st
COMING SOON!  This year 4-H Camp Registrations will be completed through 4HOnline at https://wa.4honline.com

Our 4-H camp colleagues from Benton-Franklin County have created how-to videos to assist campers as they register for 4-H Camp this year.  While the majority of the process is the same for Grays Harbor County, you may notice a few variations.  For any questions, contact Tracie at
tracie.hanson@wsu.edu or (360)964-1584

> For families that do NOT have a 4HOnline profile, click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yySRVswlqE&feature=youtu.be
First, you will have to create a family profile in 4HOnline and click the “Add Short Term Member” for each youth enrolling for camp within your family.  After you have your family set up and confirmed, then you can click on “My Member List,” to take you to the page where you scroll down to “Register a Member for an Event,” select “Grays Harbor 4-H Camp” and complete the information.  Mail in or drop off your payment.

> For families that have a 4HOnline profile, but the youth is NOT participating as a member in traditional year-round 4-H Club programming this year, click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLLLNDiHTQQ&feature=youtu.be

> For families that are currently enrolled in a 4-H Club:  Log in to your family profile and add the event for each member from there.  Click on “My Member List,” scroll down to “Event,” select “Add Event,” and complete the information.  Mail in or drop off your payment.

Click here for helpful Registration Instructions.  Camp Registration How-to:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e6aKmU3I4s&feature=youtu.be 

COMING SOON!  Click here for Camp Details & Instructions.

For additional information contact Camp Director, Rhonda Borden, at nooperdoo@aol.com or contact the WSU Extension Office at (360)482-2934.

Additional Resources & FormsProgramCamp

Camp Scholarship Application – Submit by June 1st
Panhandle Map & Directions With Camper Supply List
Class & Activity Request Form – Submit completed form to tracie.hanson@wsu.edu

Required Forms for Youth Staff

*** Teens, 9th grade and older, complete 16-32 hours of training and, if chosen, are youth staff for the week.
Step 1:  Youth Staff Application Process
>>>>>  Youth Staff Application Checklist
Step 2:  Visit https://wa.4honline.com/ if you haven’t already completed the 4-H enrollment process this year.  More info available at http://extension.wsu.edu/graysharbor/4-h/forms/
*** Extra information for Enrollment After GH 4-H Fair Eligibility Deadline – April 1st
Step 3:  Youth Staff Camp Application-Fillable

Required Forms for Adult Volunteer Chaperones

Chaperone Application Process
(For New Camp Volunteers)
4-H Enrollment at https://wa.4honline.com/
> More info available at http://extension.wsu.edu/graysharbor/4-h/forms/

WA 4-H Resident Camp Standards

WA 4-H Resident Camp Standards