4-H Forms & Enrollment Materials

Program Contact: Tracie Hanson, 4-H Program Coordinator
(360) 482-2934 • tracie.hanson@wsu.edu

Enrollment Forms:

Now that our state has transitioned to the 4HOnline enrollment database system, all new and returning 4-H youth members and adult volunteers will log in to their profile and enter 4-H enrollment information directly at http://wa.4honline.com
*** New Families Enrollment Guide
*** New Families Enrollment Quick Start Guide
*** Returning Families Reenrollment Guide
*** Extra information for Enrollment After GH 4-H Fair Eligibility Deadline – April 1st

If you have difficulty with the online enrollment process please contact Tracie (360)482-2934

New 4-H Year Club Resources:

Complete Club Leader Packet
Club Charter Documentation
WA 4-H Club Annual Financial Summary (WSU Publication C1130)
Club Graduate Status Form
American Income Life
Outline of Tax ID and Financial Processes

General Forms:

Care to Share Form
GH 4-H Council Committee Sign-Up Form
Social Media Guideline
Facebook Guideline
Approval Request for use of Social Media

4-H Council Public Presentation Events

2017 Public Presentation Registration Form (Due April 12th)

4-H Council Scholarship Application

2017 Grays Harbor 4-H Scholarship Application (Due May 1st)
Scholarship Evaluation Criteria

Year End Completion & Awards:

2015 GH 4-H Council Awards Guideline
Year Pin Request Form
Award Checklist
Grays Harbor Record Book Scoresheet  (for Level 1 documents, WSU Publications C0932 & C0933)
Grays Harbor Record Book Scoresheet  (for Level 2 documents, WSU Publications C0934 & C0935)
Outstanding Leader of the Year Nomination Form
Outstanding Member of the Year Nomination Form

Washington State 4-H Publications Website:

Record Book Materials
4-H General & Project Publications
4-H Project Information & Materials

Window Display Event to Promote 4-H

2016 Sign-Up Form (Due October 26th)
Evaluation Criteria