Kathy Lundgren Scholarship

Washington Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Kathy Lundgren Memorial Scholarship


Kathy Lundgren was born in Spokane and raised on a dairy farm. She attended Reardan schools and graduated from Reardan High School in 1975. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics with an emphasis in Foods and Nutrition and a minor in Business Administration from Washington State University in 1978.  She received a Master’s Degree in Adult and Continuing Education, specializing in Consumer Education from Washington State University in 1979.

Kathy became an Area Extension Agent in January 1980 and worked in Lincoln-Adams Counties as a Family Living Agent with 4-H responsibilities. She was appointed County Chairman in June 1982.

Kathy died in August 1982, after a fall. She was survived by her parents, Lloyd and Norma Lundgren, a brother, David Lundgren, a sister, Betty Donaldson, her grandparents and numerous aunts and uncles.

The Kathy Lundgren Memorial Scholarship was established by the Washington Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences to provide financial support for professional improvement opportunities for Association members. According to her parents, “Kathy loved her work and was very proud of her profession.”

In 1987, the Association expanded the scholarship financial base to include memorials on behalf of those whose lifework was dedicated to family living programs.

Association members can apply for the scholarship following the described guidelines and eligibility requirements.

  • Must be current member of Washington Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences one year prior to application.
  • Maximum of $300 per candidate or team per year is allowed. One year must lapse before reapplying.
  • Scholarship will be awarded on a 1:10 ratio of membership each year.
  • Scholarship will be awarded twice a year. Projects are to be completed within one year of receiving the award.
  • Scholarships are not appropriate for those activities associated with an advanced degree program.
  • Application must precede the event or completion of project.
  • Application forms are due to the Professional Improvement Chairman before March 1 or September 1.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Professional Improvement Committee and approved by the Board.



  1. Attend short-term subject matter or related courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. Scholarships are to be applied toward registration or course fee(s).
  2. Development and distribution of audiovisual or training material. Scholarship will pay for part of the cost to develop slide sets, overheads, films, videotapes, lessons, handouts or manuals and for distribution of such material to other interested Extension employees.
  3. Planning, development and implementation of special educational activity or activities for paraprofessionals or volunteers.
  4. Attend NEAFCS National Meeting as a first timer. Maximum of $300 for registration, lodging, or transportation expenses is allowed.




Kathy Lundgren Scholarship






Years in Extension:                                                                                        

Category for which you are applying:                                                                            

ˆ  I      Attend short-term subject matter course or workshop, etc.  Attach a registration form or brochure indicating fees.  Require one copy only.

ˆ  II    Development of audiovisual or training material.

ˆ  III   Development of special educational activities.

ˆ IV     Attend NEAFCS annual meeting (first timer).


Expected completion date:           

Amount requested (maximum $300 per year):           

Submit an electronic copy of the application to the Professional Improvement Chair by March 1 or September 1.




Amount Requested:           

  1. Objective(s) of activity being submitted or description of the project to be considered.





1b.       Personal objectives for applying for this award.





  1. How do you propose to carry out this study or project?






  1. How will this enrich your professionalism or help your clientele?





How will you share with other Family & Consumer Sciences faculty in the state?