Island County Environmental Programming

Program Contact: Stinger Anderson, Administrative Assistant
(360) 240-5558 •

Island County Environmental Education

In 2016 WSU Extension will offer a new environmental education program know as Washington Master Naturalist training. This program will be available on-line with selected WSU Extension County offices offering complementary field training. This augmented training will be offered in Island County as a regular part of our Extension programming.

Other resources you may be interested in include the island County Shore Stewards program – This page will be updated over the next few months to reflect a new environmental educational programming in Island County.


After 25 years the WSU Island County Beach Watcher programing is coming to an end on 12/31/2015. A new organization, Sound Water Stewards of Island County, will carry on the mission and activities, independent from WSU, continuing to focus on local and regional nearshore and intertidal ecosystems.

The new organization’s website has contact information and details about “Sound Waters One-day University” and the organization’s annual volunteer training program.