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How old do I have to be?

Between the ages of 5 (and in Kindergarten) and 19.

In 4-H, you get to decide what program to join. These are the active projects for Kitsap County:

  • Dogs, Horses, Cats, Rabbits, Cavies, LlamasWow
  • Environmental Science, Gardening
  • Computers, Rocketry, Robotics
  • Tractors, and ATV’s
  • Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Poultry
  • Veterinary Science
  • Food and Nutrition, Cooking, Sewing
  • Archery, Riflery
  • Creative Arts, Photography

Once you’ve chosen your program, send us a message about you and how you would like to belong. You can join a club, after school program or work by yourself. We’ll send you information about each and get you hooked up real soon!

What does it cost?

There is a $25.00 per youth enrollment fee. Your club or program may have small dues, or there may be a cost for materials in the program you have chosen.

For more information, please review the “Welcome to 4-H” publication.

I want to participate NOW!

Our enrollment cut off for the current year is March 1st. If you have found interest after that date, you can plan on attending our summer day camps, attending some of our project shows and be sure you come as say hello to us at the Kitsap County Fair and Stampede in August. We will get you ready to join a club at the beginning of the 4-H year in October.

4-H Participation Models

Community Club: A club is a group of youth who are led by volunteers. Clubs may be a single-project club, where the group only participates in one project area (like only dogs, or only cooking) or multi-project club, where the group participates in many project areas.

After School Program: If you’re in an afterschool program, we will work with your program sponsor to begin offering 4-H projects.



Online Enrollment



Online Enrollment Instructions

4-H Online Training – Family

4-H Online Training – Club Leaders

If you have any questions on enrollment, please phone or email:
(360) 337-7162