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he1The new USDA “Choose My Plate” daily dietary recommendation information is now available. Lots of practical tips on how to eat healthy for all ages!

Tips for Preserving Food

Do you have an abundance of produce from your garden? Now is the time to preserve them for times when you can’t get them “fresh picked.” WSU Skagit County Extension Crop Sheets provide accurate research-based information on preserving food. Consider canning, freezing, pickling, or dehydrating. The information is now at your fingertips!

Food Preservation Links:

USDA National Center
Free on-line food preservation course, plus many new recipes including Spicy Cranberry Salsa, Spicy Jicama Relish, Tomato Taco Sauce, and Mango Salsa. The salsa recipes are in Spanish as well as English.

So Easy to Preserve website
Available for purchase: 375-page food preservation recipe book with over 186 USDA tested recipes and 8-part DVD servies with how-to-preserve demonstrations using recommended food preservation techniques.