4-H Horse News, Notes, and Events

Program Contact: Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Youth Family & Community Education, Lincoln-Adams
(509) 725-4171 • brohner@wsu.edu

Program Contact: Randy Williams, Lincoln-Adams 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 725-4171  • randy.williams@wsu.edu

Program Contact: Karen Robertson, Lincoln-Adams WSU Extension Program Assistant
(509) 659-3209  • robertk@wsu.edu

 Events           Horse Project Forms & Resources   

Reminder: Every 4-H household with a member that competes in 4-H horse events, or a leader who assists competitive youth members, should have a current copy of the:
The PNW 4-H Horse Contest Guide – Date on bottom of front cover should say “Effective October 1, 2015.”

Lincoln-Adams 4-H Horse ID Forms are required for Horse Project Members who own/lease an equine for project use. DUE when members enroll!! Final deadline for changes, April 1st.

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Summer Sizzler 4-H Horse Show
Date Set for July 28, 2018
Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds
Davenport, WA
Summer Sizzler Horse Show Page


Watch for date of next meeting
WSU Extension Office, Davenport
303 6th St.

ALL WELCOME! (Including Adams Co. ! )  Ideally, there should be at least one representative from each club and Family 4-H Group that enrolls 4-H horse project members attend our meetings to ensure that every club/family group has input into what we can do to help this program thrive.  A huge THANK YOU to those who participate on a regular basis.

For more information, please contact Robin Nachtigal

Thank you,
Robin Nachtigal   Email
Lincoln County 4-H Horse Council Facilitator

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes -2-21-18- Draft 
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program  Minutes -10-2-17
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes -DRAFT – 8-14-17
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes – DRAFT-5-15-17
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes – 4-17-17
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes -Draft – 3-6-17
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program – Minutes – 2-6-17

Final approved minutes for May 2016  – through November 2016 not provided

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes – DRAFT -4-18-16
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes -3-28-16
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes-11-2-15
Lincoln Co 4-H Horse Program Minutes – 8-31-15
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes – 8-10-15
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes-7-6-15
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes -03/02/15
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes – 02/2/15
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Minutes – 01/5/15


4-H Horse Events & Activities
5th Annual Horse Course

March 3, 2018
WSU College of Vet Medicine

The event is a one day short-course that provides continuing education for horse owners and the general public.  Topics vary to provide an interesting experience, whether you are just getting into the arena or have been working with horses for many years.  Core courses cover topics such as equine anatomy, vaccination strategies, and dentistry.  The rotating schedule offers more in depth topics such as advanced imaging for disease diagnoses and disease control and prevention discussions.
Horse Course Schedule for the day


Final 4-H Horse Project Enrollment Deadline – April 1st

Summer Sizzler 4-H Horse Show
Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds, Davenport, WA
Saturday, July 28, 2018
For ALL 4-H Horse Members!
Also currently the ONLY qualifying show for Lincoln and Adams Co.  Intermediate and Senior 4-H Members who would like to compete at the WA State 4-H Fair in Puyallup in September.



Spokane County 4-H Calendar of Events 

Spokane County Horse Program

Neighboring counties welcome.

Reminder: Lincoln & E. Adams Co. 4-H Horsemanship Project members planning to take a horse to a Spokane Co. (and other county) 4-H events, must have a current Lincoln-Adams 4-H Horse ID form on file at the Ritzville WSU Extension Office.

Jan. 22 –  Working Ranch Horse 6 PM  Spokane Co. 4-H Office
Jan. 27 – 4-H Impromptu Opportunity Presbyterian Church Entry Form
Feb. 4 4-H Working Ranch Horse Checkoff  Spokane 4-H Office 10am
Feb – 24 4-H Beginning Horsemanship Busy Bee Ranch Spokane WA
26 Working Ranch Horse 6 PM 4-H Office
March 9 – 4-H Tack Swap Consignment. Bring your consignments to sell. Spokane County Fair Grounds
March 10 – 4-H Tack Swap Sale Spokane County Fair Grounds
May 11-13 – 4-H Spring Horse Clinic Spokane County Fair Grounds

June 24-29 – Happy Trails Horse Camp Four Mound Bison Ranch


Stevens Co. 4-H encourages participation from other counties in order to have enough entries for events to be cost and time effective! Support Stevens County activities with your attendance and they will encourage their youth to attend future Lincoln-Adams County 4-H horse events to increase participation here to viable levels!

Stevens Co. 4-H Calendar

March 3, 2018 – Sensational Saturday – Includes several Horse related topics

April 22, 2018  Horse Judging Groom Squad Event  at the NE WA Fairgrounds
June 23, 2018 4-H Horse Schooling Show at the NE WA Fairgrounds
July 14, 2018 4-H Horse Schooling Show at the NE WA Fairgrounds
Aug. 4, 2018 –  Stevens Co. 4-H State Qualifying Horse Show
 (Contact local Extension Office for info about Non-qualifying classes and/or using as Qualifying Show if not from Stevens Co.)

Information on Stevens Co. 4-H Events:
Shannon Rowley
WSU Stevens County Extension
4-H and Food $ense Program
986 S. Main Ste. D, Colville, WA  99114
509.684.2588   sgordon@wsu.edu

Clover Classic 4-H and Open Horse Show
June 23, 3018
2801 Road 60, Pasco, WA
Clover Classic Horse Show Entry Form-2018


4-H Events are held annually at the WA State Fair in Puyallup WA the first 3 weeks of September!

There are OTHER horse related activities at State Fair such as Horse Judging Contest, Groom Squad Contest, and National Equine Presentations (for senior 4-H members.) If interested, contact Karen at the Extension Office at 509-659-3209.
Also visit the State Fair Page.


There are also other WA State level opportunities for individual and state competition such as Horse Bowl and Hippology. These are held at different locations each year – usually in April or May. Contact the Extension Office or visit: extension.wsu.edu/4h/projects/stem/horse/horse-project-events/

Extension. Reference to commercial services, non-4-H activities, products or trade names is made with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by WSU Extension or 4-H is implied.

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There are 3 official Horse Projects

  • Equine Science
  • Horseless Horse
  • Horsemanship

Members must be 8 years old (as of Oct. 1 of current 4-H year) or older to enroll in “Equine Science” and/or “Horsemanship” projects. Members 5 to 18 years old may enroll in the “Horseless Horse” project.
See pages 13-14 of WA 4-H Publications & Projects Catalog for details.

4-H Horse CurriculumCovers of National 4-H Horse Project Curriculum

The recommended set of National 4-H Horse curriculum was revised! Complete Curriculum set: http://www.4-hmall.org/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=01518BB

Each 4-H Horse household should consider ordering a set! If you have a set or the National 4-H Horse Curriculum with tan covers – then you have the old version. If you ordered recently – and your covers are blue, then you have the latest!

There is also a “Bundled” set that includes a Horse Bingo game!  This set might be a good option for a “club owned set”!


understanding-the-horse-traier-rig-publication-coverNEW Resource!

Order or free download (large file.) If you can’t download contact Karen at the Extension Office. Will provide one copy to each Lincoln or Adams Co. club with horse project members by request.

Lincoln-Adams 4-H Horse ID Forms

Click HERE for more information on Lincoln-Adams 4-H Horse ID Forms

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Spokane County
4-H Horse Program

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Contacts:

Facilitator: Robin Nachtigal
Treasurer: Justine Winn

2018 Summer Sizzler
Saturday, July 28, 2018

Lincoln County 4-H Horse Program
Records & 
Forms Chair: Janet O’Neil
The Extension Office will forward Horse ID & Commitment forms to Records Chair in April.