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This web site provides a resource for anyone seeking information about growing tree fruit and other shrub and bush fruits in our western Washington climate. Much of the information included here is from the Fruit Horticulture Program that was located at WSU Mount Vernon Northwest Washington Research and Extension Center from 1965 until 2009. Information on this web site is suitable for urban home orchardists and local small farmers, particularly those in the startup process who may lack broad experience in horticulture. There is an increased demand for information from people who wish to grow their own fruit, and there is increased interest in locally produced fruit that is sustainably grown. The Web site includes reports, Extension publications, and links to sources for further information.

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Image of Hard Cinder Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest

Bulletin PNW 621
Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest (11/2010) Order online.

Image of Fruit Handbook for Western Washington

Bulletin EB 0937
Fruit Handbook for Western Washington: Varieties and Culture (04/2013 – PDF) or order by calling 1-800-723-1763 or order online.

Bulletin EB 2002
New Alternative Fruit Crops for Western Washington (3/2006 – PDF) or order a printed version.

Image of Bulletin EB2001, Growing Wine Grapes in Western Washington

Bulletin EB2001
Growing Wine Grapes in Maritime Western Washington ( 3/2012 – PDF) or order online.

TF001 – Propagating Dessert and Cider Apples with Chip Bud Grafting

Bulletin EB 1809 – Crabapples for Western Washington Landscapes (2/1996) or order a print copy.

Bulletin EB 1804 – Growing Jonagold in Western Washington (9/1995) or order a print copy.

Bulletin EB 1640 – Growing Small Fruits for the Home Garden (7/1992) or order a print copy.

Bulletin EB 1436 – Apple Cultivars for Puget Sound (6/1987)

Bulletin PNW 0400 – Training and Pruning Your Home Orchard (4/1992) or order a print copy.

More fruit publications

Resource Information

NEW Training Course from WSU Extension: Propagating Dessert and Cider Apples with Chip Bud Grafting now available, see promotional video.

Spotted Wing Drosophila

SWD in Sweet Cherry – Fact Sheet

Apple Insect Pests: Apple Maggot & Codling Moth

Apple Anthracnose

Apple Scab

Web Resources: Tree fruit and alternative fruits for western Washington

Fruit Handbook for Western Washington: Pruning (March 2010)

Organic Vineyard Establishment: Trellis and Planting Stock Considerations (March 2010)


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