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Pest Problems

Fungal and bacterial diseases are serious problems that affect tree fruit culture in western Washington’s cool maritime climate. Insects such as apple maggot, codling moth, and the recently introduced spotted wing drosophila can cause major destruction of fruit.  Vertebrate pests such as voles, deer, rabbits, and raccoons can cause damage both to young trees and in mature orchards.

There are several sources of information for those who want to try Integrated Pest Management techniques in managing their orchard. They include WSU’s Hortsense, fact sheets on disease control for the home gardener, WSU’s Cooperative Extension IPM Program and the UCDavis IPM Project.

Tree Fruits: Organic Production Overview is a bulletin prepared by the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service as a guide to commercial organic production of temperate zone tree fruits.

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Disease Problems

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Pear/Asian Pear

Stone Fruit


Disease - General

  • C0084 Plant Disease Identification Request Form

    Samples of diseased plant material (leaves, shoots, fruit etc.) can be sent to your county WSU Extension office along with the C0084 Plant Disease Identification Request Form (also available at county extension offices.)

  • Identifying common diseases of tree fruit

    The Kearneysville station of West Virginia University has an extensive illustrated key for help in identifying common diseases of tree fruit.

  • Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Control Online

    A valuable information source from the Oregon State University’s botany and plant pathology department, with a search index that connects to many useful links and publications. It covers not only fruit and berries but many other Northwest crops.

  • Plant Disease Series Index: Home, Yard, and Garden 3000

    From Ohio State University Extension, provides links to fact sheets on plant diseases of fruits and berries as well as vegetables, ornamentals and more. Information covered includes disease symptoms, causal organism, and control.

Insect Pests

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Pear/Asian Pear

Insect Pests - General

Vertebrate Pests

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Weed Management

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