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Adobe Connect Meeting Tips - Information for Participants

Information for Participants

To see if your system will work with an Adobe Connect meeting, go to

Note: When testing with a dial-up connection, you may receive a message that you have sufficient bandwidth. With practical usage, however, dial-up connections may fail with Adobe Connect Meeting. To reduce the possibility of bandwidth problems, turn off programs that use email, instant messaging, Web browsing, etc.

Error: FMS Server did not return correctly! This error is sometimes seen on County networks or other networks with strict firewall policies. To resolve this, open up port 1935 for the meeting.  Request the Connect server IP address if necessary.


Information for Presenters

Resource info:

Developing online trainings

Adobe® Connect™ Meeting

Adobe® Presenter™

Cisco® MeetingPlace™

If you are attending a meeting that usesa conference call for audio, it is imperative that your phone or headset have amute button. For hands-free listening, it is recommended that you either use aspeakerphone or a headset. Cheap headsets are available within the $20 range.

Breeze Attendee Status gridWhat's YourStatus?
When attending a Connect Meeting, you can indicate your"Status" by choosing an item from a menu in the Attendee List. You can indicatethat you:

  • Have a question
  • Want speaker to adjust speaking speed or volume
  • Indicate your approval or disapproval
  • Indicate that you've stepped away from your desk
Don't forget toclear your status (bottom menu item) when appropriate.

Viewing Screen Sharing
When you are viewing sessionswhere the presenters are sharing their screens, the following buttons could helpmake your viewing a more enjoyable experience.

Scale to Fit
Scale the Screen
The Scale to fit buttonwill adjust your view of the scaled screen so you may see the presenter's entirescreen. This may increase or (more likely) decrease the actual image size.

Scroll the Screen
The Scroll button willdisplay the shared screen at 100% of the presenter's original screen size (asmeasured in pixels). This means you may need to scroll to see everything that ishappening on on the presenter's screen, but there should be no imagedistortion.

Online Trainings

We have made the following materials available so you can better understand WSU guidelines. If you have questions about the below trainings, please contact Jim Lindstrom. You may also be interested in viewing our pages on creating your own online training.

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