Pierce County – EFNEP

Program Contact: M. Catalina Aragón, Associate in Research, Pierce County EFNEP Supervisor
(253) 798-3252 • c.aragon@wsu.edu

What is EFNEP?
The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a nutrition education program provided by Washington State University Pierce County Extension. EFNEP delivers nutrition education to low-income parents in four core areas: diet quality and physical activity, food resource management, food safety, and food security.

What does EFNEP provide?
      • A 9 to 12 lesson, interactive, cost-free, research-based nutrition curriculum.
      • Adaptable material to meet each participant’s needs
      • Lessons delivered in different languages including: Spanish, Cambodian (Khmer), Chinese (Mandarin), and English.
EFNEP Participants learn how to…
    • Read food labels
    • Save money on groceries
    • Make healthy food choices
    • Be more active
    • Practice cooking skills
    • Hands-on learning allows participants to create healthy recipes and learn the essentials of food safety.
If you are interested in bringing EFNEP to your agency in Pierce County Washington, please contact:
M. Catalina Aragón, MS, CN
TEL: 253-798-3252