San Juan County Clubs

Program Contact: Wendy Waxman, 4H Program Coordinator
360-370-7662 •

The 4-H year begins on October 1st of each year and is completed on September 30th. Most clubs have their first meeting in October, but members can join anytime throughout the year. There are projects for any child from age 5-18. Each island in San Juan County has a variety of clubs that are available to join. If you find a project that you are interested in or would like to contact the leader and learn more about joining 4-H please contact the 4-H Program Coordinator, at (360) 370-7662 or email: Once you decide to join, you will be asked to enroll online and to pay a $15.00 enrollment fee.

Orcas Island

  • Trail Blazers – Horse
  • Fur & Feathers – This is a multi-project club, which includes Rabbit, Alpacas, Poultry, Cavy, Gardening, Photography, Crafts, Foods, and more!

San Juan Island

  • San Juan Island Livestock – Sheep, Goat, Dairy, Beef, and Swine
  • Country Critters – Rabbit, Poultry and Cavy and other still life activities
  • Bits & Spurs – Horse

Lopez Island

  • Lopez Livestock – Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep and Goats
  • Flashers – Photography
  • Horse Rangers – Horse
  • Clucks and Quacks – Poultry
  • Lopez Foods – Cooking and Baking

Shaw Island

  • Cage-E-Kids – Rabbit, Poultry and Cavy
  • Pioneer Crafts – Visual and creative art projects
  • Rocketry projects
  • Wood craft projects
  • Baking and table decorating projects
  • Archery

All Island Participation

  • Teen Leadership Events and Activities
  • 4-H Mentoring Program
  • 4-H Portable Challenge Activities through the San Juan Is. Prevention Coalition
  • Independent Projects – A do-it-yourself category

Not a club available with the project you had in mind? 4-H can be anything you want it to be, so if you would like to do a project that is not currently being offered by 4-H, our office can help you explore the possibility of starting it through 4-H.