How to Join 4-H

Program Contact: Wendy Waxman, 4H Program Coordinator
360-370-7662 •

Becoming a 4-H member

Joining a club is easy!

Look through the list of clubs on the island where you live. If you find a club or project that you are interested in, email ( or call (360-370-7662) the 4-H Program Coordinator to find out when the next club meeting takes place. Since the 4-H year begins on October 1st of each year, most clubs have their first meeting in October, but members can join anytime throughout the year.

At the first meeting you attend, be certain to let the leader know that you are there and new to 4-H. Your leader will play a key role in helping you get acquainted with the club and 4-H. Not a club available with the project you had in mind? 4-H can be anything you want it to be, so if you would like to do a project that is not currently being offered by 4-H, we can help you explore the possibility of starting it through 4-H. Once you enroll, you will pay a $15.00 fee for one year’s membership.

The 4-H program welcomes youth between 5 and 18 years of age. 5 year old children need to have had their birthday before October 1st of the current 4-H year.

Becoming a 4-H Leader Volunteer

Make a lasting positive impact on a young person’s life and become a 4-H Leader today!

San Juan County is very fortunate to have a wide variety of talented people in our community. Have you ever thought of sharing your talents with our local youth? If you have a hobby or interest that you enjoy, more than likely there will be a child that can learn from you. Maybe you are an engineer and would like to start a rocketry club. Perhaps as an adult you want to learn how to knit – why not get some kids together and start a club? You don’t have to be an expert on a topic, because the “Learn by Doing” philosophy of 4-H is applicable to children as well as the adults who lead. If you enjoy working with youth, 4-H needs you. Experience with 4-H is not necessary to become a leader. Leader training workshops make it easy and fun to learn everything you need to know to become a leader.

In 4-H you control the level of volunteer time and commitment that works for you. We are a fully flexible youth organization where you can fit in easily. The application process to become a leader is simple and includes a background check for working with youth.

4-H Adult Roles

  • General Organizational Leaders Volunteers who assume primary responsibility for a 4-H group. The main club leaders.
  • Resource Leaders Volunteers who serve a club or individual as a source of expertise, an advisor, a leader of volunteers, or other resource capacity.
  • Activity Leaders Volunteers who give leadership to an event or activity within a club or group.
  • Project Leaders Volunteers who lead a specific project or curriculum within a club or group.

Please call the 4-H Program Coordinator at 370-7662 to become a leader today!