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Program Contact: Angie Freeman Shephard, Extension Coordinator for Agriculture

WSU Poultry Testing for Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
Farming West of the Cascades
Water Conservation Resources
WSU Extension Drought Maps and Information may be found at
Soil Information
Washington State University Weed/ Plant/ Disease Identification Services
  • WSU Master Gardeners: Weed or plant ID requests can be made through our local San Juan County office. Please bring in a plant sample in a ziploc bag, along with any flowers or berries associated with that plant, if possible. Plant ID is a courtesy of San Juan County WSU Master Gardeners. Want to try your own identification? Click Here to visit the Weed Identification Site.
  • WSU Plant & Pest Diagnostic Service: THe Washington State University Diagnostic Service provides plant disease and disorder diagnosis, pest identification, and management strategies. The Diagnostic Clinic services are available to all growers, commerical and private. Plant sample guidelines, a submission form, and further clinic contact information may be found here.
  • Weed Society of America: Includes a photo gallery with pictures of weeds.
Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Publications by the WSU Small Farms Team

WSU Extension Veterinarian Medicine Homepage

Central Washington Round-Up
WSU Extension’s Central Washington Animal Agriculture Newsletter

Wheat Varieties for Western Washington

PowerPoint presentation by Kevin Murphy and Stephen Jones Created for San Juan County grain production workshop, September 2009

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