WSU Master Gardener Training

Program Contact: Master Gardener Program Coordinator
360-370-7663 •

Do you have a passion for gardening and making a difference in your community? The WSU Master Gardener program trains people just like you to combine their love of gardening, sustainable living and backyard horticulture into community service you can really get excited about! Training to become a WSU Master Gardener is time consuming, but very rewarding.

Notes about training:

  • Training usually occur on Tuesdays  from 9:30-3:30
  • Training cost will be $200-$300
  • Program applications will be available in 2018
  • Class meets once per week in person, and each week there is an online class
  • You will receive approximately 80 hours of professional instruction
  • After completing training, and a final exam you will be an Intern
  • In exchange for training, you are required to provide 50 hours of community service within the Master Gardener program

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Diagnose plant problems in our diagnostic clinic
  • Answer questions at Farmers’ Market clinics
  • Grow and harvest at the demonstration garden (food is donated to Food Bank)
  • Provide education at the San Juan County Fair
  • Participate in the annual Native Plant Sale
  • Sow and grow for the annual Spring Plant Sale
  • Be a docent for the annual Garden Tour
  • Provide educational activities for children
  • Become a member of the Master Gardener Foundation of SJC
  • Help coordinate the Annual Gardening Workshop
  • Write educational articles for the newspapers and newsletters
  • And so much more… how would you love to share your knowledge with others?