4-H Resources

Program Contact: 4-H Program
(509) 427-3932 • brandt@co.skamania.wa.us; missy.cummins@wsu.edu

4HOnline Enrollment Help:

4-H Families,
If you intend to pay electronically via card when you are enrolling in 4-H this year please view the video below.


4HOnline Enrollment Guide

Selecting Your Role in 4HOnline pdf


Becoming a 4-H Volunteer:

  1. Submit a Skamania New Volunteer Application complete with three references.
  2. Undergo a WashingtonState Patrol Criminal History Record Information check and a personal reference check.
  3. Complete Required WSU Trainings
  4. Participate in an in-person interview with 4-H Program Coordinator.
  5. Be approved for training by 4-H Faculty.
  6. Attend New Volunteer Orientation (required for all volunteers who have not previously completed an orientation training with 4-H Staff).
  7. Serve a two-year probationary period.


Leader Resources:

Leader’s Council Funds Request Form – Word

Leader’s Council Funds Request Form – PDF

4-H Name and Emblem Usage Guide

4-H Contract Information Sheet & The Importance of Club Planning

Supporting Healthy Competition Handout

Sportsmanship Recommended Resources

How to Manage Your 4-H Club in 4HOnline

Volunteer Resources:

Why Report Your Volunteer Hours – help guide to reporting volunteer hours

Quick Guide to the Volunteer Hours Database (With Pictures!)

Log your volunteer hours at http://ext.wsu.edu/volunteers/logon.aspx

State 4-H Fair County Coordinator Volunteer Job Description

New Year Packets

Each of these forms are due to the 4-H Office on December 1st, 2017.

4-H Graduate Survey for 2016-2017
Please complete and submit even if you did not have any graduating members in 2016.

Financial Reporting Form
Even if your club does not have a bank account we need to hear from you.

Year End Report Form

Annual Club Plan Form