Bugs and Blights



Introducing the online archive for “Bugs & Blights” newsletters: Timely pests and diseases of nurseries, yards and landscapes in Snohomish County, written by Extension Educator, Sharon J. Collman (Retired).


B&B 2014 January Pioneer Awards – “Honoring Innovation and Enduring Contributions within the Green Industry” – Recipient/Extension Educator: Sharon J. Collman

B&B 2014 January – Exploring different types of pine tree damage, whether disease, insect or stress.

B&B 2015 January – Winter insects and related issues – Tent caterpillars, crane flies, yellowing lawns, and spruce aphids.



B&B 2013 February – Insects of late winter/early spring – Weevils, pollinators and springtails.

B&B 2014 February – Effects of winter temperature fluctuations on insects and pests – tent caterpillars, slugs, snails, hemlock wooly adelgid, fleas, and flies.



B&B 2014 March – Basic insect groups and how to identify them – Spiders, termites, stink bugs, and beetles.

B&B 2016 March – Target the pest, protect the rest! – European crane fly and European chafer.



B&B 2008 April – The initial edition of the online “Bugs and Blights” newsletter, with information/links on season appropriate content – Tent caterpillars, apple ermine moth, cherry brown rot, blossom blight, fruit rot and their hosts.

B&B 2014 April – Target the pest, protect the rest! – Red lily leaf beetle, tent caterpillars, freeze damage, pesticide cautions, blueberry bud stages.

B&B 2015 April – Currant sawflies, lily leaf beetles, coral spot, European chafer, rust on roses, and sequoia pitch moth.



B&B 2010 May – Fruit related issues: Green apple aphids, rosy apple aphid, lecanium scale, spotted wing drosophila, apple leaf curling midge, black cherry aphids, beneficial insects, and apple scab.

B&B 2012 May – Beneficial insects: millipedes, banded alder borer, bumblebee, soldier beetle, daddy long-legs, parasitic wasps, true bugs, and fireless firefly.

B&B 2014 May – Lily leaf beetles, tent caterpillars, viburnum leaf beetle, cutworms, natural pesticides & Insect, Weed and Plant Disease Handbook (publications).



B&B 2014 June – Azalea sawfly, hemlock wooly adelgid, lacewing, stinkbugs, and white rust.

B&B 2015 June – Lace bugs, azalea lace bug.



B&B 2014 July – Target the pest, protect the rest! – Pesticide storage, squirrel damage, cottony camellia scale, and lady beetle/ladybug larvae.



B&B 2010 August – Sirococcus shoot blight, apple leaf curl midge, green alder sawfly, woods weevil complex, and WSDA Pesticide License study materials (publications).

B&B 2012 August – Red lily leaf beetle, fall webworm, columbine sawfly, pesticide usage/label laws and Bugs & Blights blog.

B&B 2014 August – Target the pest, protect the rest! – Bees vs. Wasps and pesticides.



B&B 2015 September – Drought stress symptoms in plants, and amending soil for better water absorption.



B&B 2011 October – Household nuisance insects: fruit flies, slugs. Late blight,

B&B 2014 October – Stink bugs: Wanted and unwanted. Western conifer seed bugs.

B&B 2015 October – Stink bugs: brown marmorated and native species. Boxelder bugs, grass weevils, and banded wooly bear caterpillars.



B&B 2015 November – Common landscape insects: European chafer, Japanese beetle, brown marmorated stink bug, and western conifer seed bug.



B&B 2010 December – Winter pests in the orchard: tent caterpillars, aphids, lecanium scale, oystershell scales, and San Jose scale.



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