SNAP-ED Meet our Educators

Program Contact: Lori van Anrooy, Program Manager
(509) 477-2194 •

Wendy Aguilar
Opportunity, Broadway and Ness Elementary

Brandi Anderson
Food Bank Locations

Patty Anderson
Cooper, Sheridan, and Stevens Elementary

Paula Beckner
Garry, Glover, and Shaw Middle Schools

Rhonda Hause
Food Bank Locations

Jessica Kenlein
Centennial, Westview and Madison Elementary

Kelly Kern
North Pines Junior High, Tent and Trentwood Elementary

Amanda Liberty
Arcadia Elementary, Deer Park Middle School and High School

Lessie Mallary
Whitman and Logan Elementary and Central Valley Early Learning Center

Kristen Nicholson
Bemis, Holmes, Sunset Elementary

Sarah Reome
Riverside Elementary, Riverside Middle School, Riverside High School and Riverside Independent Scholar Program

Kathleen Teegarden
Roosevelt, Longfellow and Seth Woodard Elementary

Lori VanAnrooy
Longfellow, Grant, and Roosevelt Elementary