4-H Awards and Recognition

Program Contact: Shannon Rowley, Extension Coordinator
(509) 684-2588 • sgordon@wsu.edu

Outstanding 4-H Leader Nomination due August 9, 2017
Nomination Form Take time to nominate your leader for Outstanding 4-H Leader of the Year. Leaders will be recognized in two categories. The first is for New Leaders with one or two years of service and the second is for Experienced Leaders with 3 or more years of service. Winners will be recognized at the 4-H Awards Banquet in November with a plaque and gift. Additionally the Experienced Leader will be recognized at the State 4-H Forum in October.

Outstanding Teen Nomination Form due September 15, 2017
Nomination Form Each year a junior or senior high school 4-H member(s) is recognized as an Outstanding 4-H Teen(s). However, they can’t win unless nominated, so nominate a teen from your club. Winners are selected through a nomination and interview process, based on their entire 4-H career. Winner(s) will honored at the 4-H Awards Banquet with a plaque, gift, and $25 from the Mace Memorial Fund.

Horse Sportsmanship Award Nominatiom Form due September 15, 2017
Nomination Form Every year a 4-H Horse Project member is recognized for displaying a high degree of sportsmanship as a 4-H member. If throughout the year you notice a horse project member displaying good sportsmanship then nominate them for this award. They will be recognized with a special plaque at the 4-H Awards Banquet.

County Medal Applications
County Medal Application
We have a new process this year for applying for county project medals. Instead of the application we’ve used in the past you will need to turn in your record book and a very, short and easy one page application listing the medals you are applying for. What is a county project medal you may ask? It is a 4-H pin given for outstanding 4-H project work each year. Medals are available in all project areas and more than one may be given out per project. Those considered must have a complete record book detailing what they did in their project.

Head, Heart, Hands and Health Awards
This award can be for a leader that goes above and beyond (heart), a member with a great community service project (hands), or a community member that helped the 4-H program. Anything and anyone is eligible – you just need to nominate them and explain how it relates to head, heart, hands, or health. Nominations are due by September 30, 2017. There is not a form just email the information to Shannon at sgordon@wsu.edu.