4-H Robotics

Welcome to Wahkiakum 4-H Robotics Club!

We are off and running for the 2015-2016 year. First coaching meetings were held Monday October 5th, and we got a lot of work done on the model building.

This will be our informational meeting for parents and interested youth, ages 10 to 14.

Club meetings will be Monday and Wednesday evenings until the winter break, with some Saturday robotics competitions. There is no registration fees, however, there may be some travel costs to competitions in the area.

Hope you can join us!

What is the 4-H Robotics Club?

Robotics is an integration of various fields of engineering like Mechanical, Communications, Computer Science and Electrical, combined with the Arts .. because Robotics is about people, communication and solving problems. We came up with the “robotics” club in our community to bring out the talents and creativity of the individual working in teams, and also to provide extra knowledge on innovative edges. Our motto: “To make the best better”.

The robotics club is a place where we will make robots together and discuss them. The robots may be quite simple like a manual controlled sumo robot, differential robot, and complex types like automated line tracer, obstacle tracers, or full “dance teams”. The club provides the workspace and tools, intellectually simulating conditions and people to help you out if you run into obstacles.

The club also enters into competitions with other clubs. For 2015 we will join First Lego League. For FLL a team competes in three areas: a robot that solves problems related to “Trash Trek”, a community project related to “Trash Trek”, and a presentation to a judging panel related to “Trash Trek”. So, this year we need programmers, robot builders, website designers, speakers and artists … and, most of all, people who want to do something about trash.

Everyone needs to read and understand the Challenge, and the concepts embodied in “Gracious Professionalism” and the “4-H Pledge”.

Definitions – What does everything mean?

“Club” – all of us including staff, parents, coaches, students – at any one time some of us could be engaged in one activity, while also engaged in another. Some other activities we are considering are HERE. All of us together are working on problem solving in the robotics/coding realm, working together and supported each other, following the 4H motto: “Make the best better”.

“Team” – the people working on the same problem, eg “FLL team” for this 2015-21016 season. Eventually there may be several “teams” in our club, for example, FLL, FTC, MATE (underwater robotics), SkillsUSA (automation, robotics search and rescue), 4H Robotics and Technology, Hour of Code, VEX, Robofest, and/or NASA Robotics Alliance. Many others are possible.

“Group” – each team has several groups working on portions of the problem, see the FLL groups example. Each group has one or more people working on it, and stays coordinated with the overall project problem. Usually, each person is in more than one group. Add us all together and we become greater than the sum of our parts – that is teamwork.

We will eventually have several teams in our club, each working on a different project, and often helping each other. Our first project will be to form an FLL team. Click HERE for more info on our TeamFLL.

Sign up information

All club members must be registered with 4H … here are links to the forms:

In addition, parents who volunteer will need to complete the Wahkiakum School District volunteer form – most of our parents will have already done that, but check to be sure.

2015-2016 School Year Activities Schedule

An outline of our proposed schedule of activities for this current school year is HERE.

Club Meetings

Wahkiakum 4-H Engineering/Robotics Club Presentation, December 16 & 17, 2015.