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WEASA Committee Chairs

(Council) Committee Chair Start Date End Date
(EDC) Administrative Skills Debbie Williams (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(EDC) Agricultural Issues & Public Relations Don W McMoran (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(EDC) Early Career Development Dr. Steve Norberg (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(EDC) Teaching & Educational Technologies Toni Gwin (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PIC) Agricultural Economics & Community Development Diane K Smith (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PIC) Agronomy & Pest Management Aaron D Esser (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(PIC) Animal Science Donald A. Llewellyn (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PIC) Horticulture & Turfgrass Linda Chalker-Scott (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PIC) Natural Resources/Aquaculture Steve Mcconnell (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(PIC) Sustainable Agriculture Dr. Steve M. Van Vleet (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PRC) 4-H & Youth Dr. Susan Kerr (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PRC) Communications Dr. Catherine H. Daniels (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PRC) Professional Excellence Dr. Michael R. Bush (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(PRC) Public Relations Nicole Martini (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(PRC) Recognition & Awards President: Steve M.Van Vleet
Regional Chair: Donna Cuin Hoffman
(PRC) Scholarship Sheila L Gray (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(PRC) Search For Excellence Gary Fredricks (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2017
(Other) Journal of NACAA President: Steve M.Van Vleet
Regional Chair:
(Other) Life Member W. Doug Warnock (C)   01/01/2016   01/01/2018
(Other) NACAA Committee on Diversity President: Steve M.Van Vleet
Regional Chair:
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