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The Washington State 4-H Foundation offers a variety of items for purchase. They can be ordered through WSU Publications.
“Every Time… Every Ride” is an educational video on head injury prevention that is a must for all riders, instructors, horse clubs, and parents of children who ride.

Narrated by William Shatner, this professionally produced, approximately 20 minute, educational video demonstrates the need for SEI* protective headgear. Interviews blended together with excellent footage of horses in a wide variety of sports show the benefits of wearing the proper helmet–as well as the unfortunate consequences of riding without one.

Experience, training and the quietest horse in the world are no guarantee of safety. It’s the height that puts the rider at risk — sometimes fatal risk. A rider’s unprotected head can receive over 1000 G’s of force in ANY fall, at ANY speed — simply because the fall begins from on top of a horse or pony. Today’s energy absorbing, SEI* certified helmets can reduce this force to minimize or prevent injury. Most riders are unaware of the genuine risk that riding presents. Too often a rider’s enjoyment of this breathtaking sport comes to an abrupt end because they lacked the information needed to convince them to wear a helmet.

“Every Time. . . Every Ride. . .” is presented by Washington State University Extension and Washington State 4-H Foundation.

Thanks to our major contributors: Boeing Good Neighbor Fund, Spokane, WA — State Line Tack, Inc. — Emily Petras Memorial Fund — Equestrian Institute — Lexington Safety Products, Inc. — Children’s Safety Network — John P. Jundt Foundation — USPC® — KY Farm Safety 4 Just Kids — NM Disability Preventin program and DPAC — Oregon State University 4-H — North by Northwest Productions — CHA – Assoc. For Horsemanship Safety & Education — and to all those who made this effort possible.

“Ground Handling Horses Safely” is an 18 minute video to demonstrate safe and proper methods for approaching, haltering, leading, tying, and general handling of horses.

By understanding life from the horse’s point of view, you can learn to anticipate and safely react to your horse’s natural instincts. This program is a cooperative effort of equine and safety specialists from the University of Idaho, the University of Nevada, Reno, and Washington State University. It is a must for riders, instructors, horse camp counselors, and anyone involved with youth and horses.

Endorsed by: • American Association for Horsemanship Safety • American Medical Equestrian Association (AMEA) • Horsemanship Safety Association, Inc. • Washington State 4-H Youth Development

Other Resources Available:

Ground Handling Horses Safely Facilitator Guide and Lesson Plan was developed as a result of feedback from youth & adults requesting such a tool for use in bringing major points of safety and handling to the forefront. The information and exercises are to be used as supplemental material to the video.

Equine Awareness Youth Education Program is a combined animal science and veterinary curriculum designed for youth club leaders and members. The guide has six units with each unit divided into two levels. A basic understanding for all knowledge levels and a level designed for advanced skills. The six units include topics that promote well-being of the horses in several situations: handling, exhibition, housing, feeds and feeding, animal health practices and public perception.

“Chesta’s Way” is the inspirational true story of a big-hearted woman named Chesta Wright who has a husband, two girls and two boys of her own, and a houseful of troubled foster girls to manage.

In an effort to reach out to the adolescent girls, many of whom are ex-junkies and ex-prostitutes, Chesta hits on a plan of making each girl the mother of a newborn dairy calf, launching a unique program called “City Kids and Calves.” While Chesta helps heal abused young girls through the nurturing bonds of animal-assisted therapy, many members of her close community lend their helping hands.

Chesta’s Way is the story of a remarkable woman, her sacrificing, supportive family, an especially caring community, and their special way of serving at-risk kids. Proceeds benefit the Washington State 4-H Foundation, the Chesta Wright Girls Ranch Fund, and other youth-serving, nonprofit organizations. Chesta’s Way is also available as a book on tape.

Chesta’s Way is a remarkable testimonial to the power of an individual to change the world. Authored by Mary Jacobson.

For information please contact:

Moo Town Press
Post Office Box 4588
Rolling Bay, WA 98061

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