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Cougar Youth Weekend

Cougar Youth Weekend is an educational, weekend long event for youth 8 to 18 years of age with an interest in aspects of the dairy industry, showing, and judging. It takes place March 27-29, 2020.

These students are typically in clubs such as FFA and 4-H and have an interest in dairy and dairy cattle. The weekend begins with a tour of a WSU facility where participants meet with WSU Dairy Club members that will guide them throughout the weekend. Saturday and Sunday activities are hosted at the WSU Knott Dairy Center. After a tour, university students and professors present hands on workshops that cover topics such as mastitis, nutrition, and reproduction. Saturday afternoon, the participants are either paired with heifer calves or take part in a judging workshop. Those who choose the showmanship category will prepare their heifers for a mock showmanship contest on Sunday with the guidance of WSU Dairy Club members and professionals. The participants that choose the judging track will focus on visual appraisal of dairy cattle and oral reasons for a number of university animals. Sunday, the participants receive feedback for their demonstration of skill in the showing or judging competition so that they can continue to improve after the weekend ends. This weekend provides an opportunity for youth and their parents to learn more and build relationships within the dairy industry.

Washington State University Extension