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Fitting And Showing Resources


“5 Practices of Blue Ribbon Winners”

“Advanced Level Showmanship – 5 Tips to Take you to the Top!”

Hoards Showmanship Resources

Holstein Foundation Showmanship Resources



Clipping Demonstration with Dusty Schrim


Dairy Judging

Learning about Judging

Online Dairy Judging Practice

Other Resources and Websites


Youth Livestock Life Skills

Ag 101

Livestock E-Quiz



Hoards Dairyman

Hoard’s Dairyman Youth Corner

Holstein Foundation

Purebred Dairy Cattle Association


Publications and Records


Holstein Foundation Education Workbooks

How to Make a Rope Halter

National Curriculum

Poster Art Guidelines

What is the Purpose of a 4-H Livestock Project?

Youth Livestock Life Skills

Youth Producers Resources



Breeding Livestock Record

C0234E Dairy Certificate=

Dairy Record Sheet

Permanent Record 1

Permanent Record 2

Record Book Level 1

Record Book Level 2

Youth Livestock Health Record


Quality Assurance and Bio-Security

Bio-security Activities (WSU):
“What Goes Around, Comes Around”
Charades Activity
Checklist for Livestock Exhibitors

Disease Prevention

National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians
Animal Contact Compendium and Resources (Bio-security resources)

Foot and Mouth Disease Information
Youth Flyer
Teen Flyer
Adult Flyer

Malignant Catarrhal Fever Factsheet

Measures to Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings

Quality Assurance Activities (WSU):
“Making it Personal”
“Roles in the Chain”
Trust Activity
Beginner Activity
Skit Activity
“Would you Eat This?”

Washington State University Extension