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Dog Project Resources

National Curriculum

National Curriculum offers three books and a helpers guide covering topics such as dog grooming, training, health, nutrition, and more.

WSU Publications

WSU Publications offers a publications on a variety of dog topics.

Educational Resources

Measures to Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings provides recommendations for those concerned with minimizing the risks associated with animals in public settings.

Learning about Judging is an overview of the judging process.

Other Resources

Dog Showmanship Guide

Dog Agility Information and Rules (Updated August 2018)
Dog Agility Release Form

Dog Bowl Rules
Dog Bowl Questions (XLS)

Rally Obedience Rules
Obedience Scorecards – All

Dog Program Leader’s Guide

4-H Fair Resources

Rabies Vaccination Certificate – Required for the State 4-H Fair
Dog Judges Application
Dog Judges Evaluation
Dog Judging Contest Guidelines
Dog Superintendent Guide
Showmanship Scorecard
Showmanship Group Sheet

Washington State University