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Grant Opportunities

The Washington State 4-H Foundations supports a variety of grants and awards. Below is a list of each award with a brief description. If you are interested in applying, click the link to see more information.
4-H Community Pride Award and Grant

This program is designed to recognize and reward youth for efforts that create positive benefits in their community, regionally, or on a state or national level. Community Pride awards are made available by the Chevron Companies. We thank Chevron for their long-time support of 4-H.


The goal of this granting opportunity is to fund worthy 4-H youth development programs or projects.  The emphasis will be on short-term needs such as new innovative programs, seed money, emergency or unanticipated shortfalls.

4-H Equine Educational Competitive Endowment Grants

These funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to any WSU faculty or staff member who submits a proposal in conjunction with the advisor/leader and members of a WSU-recognized equine organization such as a 4-H Club.  Nominations for the award will be made by WSU faculty/ staff in conjunction with the advisor and members of a WSU-recognized equine club or organization. Application can be found here.

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