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4-H Community Pride Award


This program is designed to recognize and reward youth for efforts that create positive benefits in their community, regionally, or on a state or national level. Involvement’s to reward include projects where:

  • a better understanding of their community and how it functions is developed;
  • skills necessary to become responsible citizens are demonstrated;
  • participation with others to improve the community’s quality of life occurs; and/or,
  • active involvement by youth in community projects and community decision-making is evidenced.

Community Pride awards are made available by the Chevron Companies. We thank Chevron for their long-time support of 4-H.

Application Guidelines

4-H Community Pride Award

The Chevron sponsored 4-H Community Pride Award Program covers all 4-H community involvement projects, including community service, community development, and community pride efforts (note: a club does not need to have received a 4-H Community Pride grant sponsored by Chevron to be eligible).

Two opportunities for recognition are available. One 4-H club in each participating county unit will be selected to receive the Best (in-county) 4-H Community Pride Award, a framed certificate, provided with Chevron funding. The Best Washington State 4-H Community Pride Award will be presented each year to the most outstanding Community Pride Program overall. This will include a special framed certificate, and a $200 cash award. Only 4-H clubs making application will be considered for awards.

Selection of the Best (in-county) 4-H Community Pride Award will be made by an appropriate county committee selected by the county 4-H agent. The best in-state award winner will be selected by the Washington State 4-H Foundation from the Best in County winners. Selection criteria:

  • 20% number of members involved and what they did relative to club size;
  • 20% value of the project to the community;
  • 20% what the members learned about their community,
  • 20% amount of youth involvement with people and organizations in the community; and,
  • 20% how effectively the program was publicized in the community.

4-H Community Pride Grant

Chevron 4-H Community Pride Grants are available in amounts up to $300 (although larger amounts can be awarded on special request) to supplement local funds for projects. The following guidelines will be used in ranking proposals:

  • needs and interests of community, and relationship to objectives or purposes of grants;
  • leadership development and participant involvement in group educational activities;
  • broad community support (can be evidenced by matching funds) and broad community benefit;
  • networking with others and active participation from a variety of groups or organizations; and,
  • provision of visibility of grant program activity through media (newspaper, public appearances, radio and TV) including donor acknowledgement.
Application forms are due by June 1 or December 1:

4-H Community Pride Award
4-H Community Pride Grant

Send application materials to:

Washington State 4-H Foundation
2606 W. Pioneer
Puyalup, WA 98371

Phone: 253-445-4570
Fax: 253-445-4587

Washington State University