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Plants Grow Children Curriculum & Program Materials

Program Contact: Master Gardener Office | 7102 W. Okanogan Place, Suite 102, Kennewick, WA
(509) 735-3551 •

You are free to use or adapt these materials for your program.

The Plants Grow Children program includes six age-appropriate lessons targeted to each grade level, from kindergarten through fifth grade. Each of the units involves an action learning activity where students produce something significant to the lesson to reinforce learning, such as a seed planted in a cup or a hand-made insect magnet. Students are encouraged to bring these projects home along with a “Dear Parent Letters” informing parents about the Plants Grow Children program and providing any necessary instructions for further action – e.g., how to care for a seed planted in class. The “Dear Parent Letters” increase awareness of the Master Gardener program and Washington State University Extension. Because of the high number of Hispanic households involved, the handout is printed in both Spanish and English.


Program Materials

Below are documents we use in administration of the Plants Grow Children program.
  • Principal Letter – This letter is sent to each elementary school in the area, telling them about the program and asking them if they are interested in participating.
  • Class Descriptions – This sheet briefly describes each class. It is sent with the “Principal Letter.”
  • Scheduling Form – Each school uses this form to request Plants Grow Children classes. Classes are grade specific.
  • Payment Agreement Form – This form must accompany the scheduling form. It indicates that the school understands and agrees to pay $.25 per child.
Below are documents used when we go into the classrooms.