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Food storage, food safety or food preservation questions?

Our WSU Master Food Preservers are happy to help answer your food storage, food safety and food preservation questions.

Master Food Preserver (MFP) volunteers from Benton-Franklin counties are reaching out statewide to support consumers with food handling in the home. Anyone with questions related to consumer food storage, food safety or food preservation can contact the Master Food Preservers for advice. Information is available on how to store, prepare or process foods that meet both quality and safety guidelines. Contact the MFPs by email at; or phone at 509-735-3551.

The WSU Master Food Preserver program is a volunteer outreach program designed to bring research-based education to the public. Volunteers receive over 40 hours of intensive training on all aspect of food handling in the home, including food storage, safety and preservation. In Benton-Franklin counties we have twenty-five experienced volunteers ready to help with your food questions. MFP volunteers are part of the Food and Nutrition outreach program in Benton-Franklin counties, under the direction of Lizann Powers-Hammond. Lizann can be contacted by email at , or by phone at 509-735-3551. We look forward to helping you.

Food safety is our business and we’re here to help!

Contact the WSU Master Food Preservers
Phone:  509-735-3551

Man looking at canning jars with a puzzled expression. Text states, " Questions about food storage, food safety, or food preservation? We're here to help! Contact the WSU Master Food Preservers by phone 509-735-3551 or by email at