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Diagnosis Clinic

Program Contact: Master Gardeners
(509) 667-6540 •
homerdiagnosis200x200Master Gardeners identify pests and plant problems and recommend solutions to manage them. Gardeners can bring their plant or pest problems to the Diagnosis Clinic held twice each week during the active growing season–generally March through October, and once per week off-season.

Plant Problems

Is your plant turning brown or the edges curling? Does it have black spots or is it turning yellow mid-summer? Does your lawn have discolored rings? We can help you identify the likely problem and suggest solutions to restore your plant, lawn or garden to good health.

We’ll pull resources from our library and consult WSU’s Hortsense, an online resource. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll forward the problem to WSU professors.

How to prepare a plant sample for diagnosis (PDF).

Plant Pests

What are those tiny white flies hovering over and on your plant? What’s causing pine needles to brown? Why is the edge of leaves scalloped? Why is a leaf getting pale?

When you bring in a sample of a damaged leaf or branch, we can examine it by microscope or hand lens to identify the culprit. Using Washington State University’s online resource Pestsense, we can print information you can take home and learn how to manage your problem.

We’ll also explain which flying insects are your garden’s best friends and which are its foes.

Plant Information

Do you want to learn more about xeric plants suitable for our area, fire-wise options, the benefits of drip irrigation, which mulch to use, the best time to fertilize or water your plants, or how to prune your roses, shrubs and trees? Master Gardeners have experience and technical resources to answer your questions. We can find information–often printable online–on care of specific plants.

Apple, cherry and pear production is a major industry in our area. Learn why to buy these fruits locally rather than grow your own. If you grow these trees, learn which sprays to use and when to apply them to avoid problems that could endanger the local fruit industry.

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Diagnosis Clinic

Do you have an insect you can’t identify or a plant with problems? Bring it in to the Master Gardener Diagnosis Clinic.

  • Wednesdays 1 – 4 pm
    January-November, closed before Thanksgiving
  • Mondays 1 – 4 pm April- mid-October
  • Closed federal┬áholidays
  • Chelan County Extension 400 Washington Street Wenatchee, WA
  • Or call 509-667-6540 to ask a question. We’ll call you back.
  • Or email us your question. We’ll reply on diagnosis days.
  • How to prepare a plant sample for diagnosis (PDF)

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