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Plant Sale List 2016

Program Contact: Master Gardeners
(509) 667-6540 •

Our 2016 plant sale spotlights tomatoes and peppers. And we’ll offer a limited supply of  perennials we’ve selected for gardens in our climate.



* This tomato placed highly in its category in our 2015 Tomato Tasting, so we selected it for our sale. Not all the tomatoes in our 2016 sale were included in the 2015 Tomato Tasting. So let us know what you think of these varieties.

Variety Type Uses Description
‘Banana Legs’ * open pollinated, indeterminate sauce Very prolific and long-bearing. Bright yellow, pointed, banana-shaped fruits, 4″ long by 1-1/2″ in diameter, are meaty and low in acid.
‘Black Krim’ heirloom, indeterminate slicing Dark purple 4″ fruits with red, black & green interior. Very flavorful. Slow ripening.
‘Brandywine’ open pollinated, indeterminate beafsteak Bears 10-16 oz beefsteak shaped fruit.  Pink skin and flesh. Known for its flavor. Grows to 7 ft.
‘Buckbee’s New 50 Day’ open pollinated, indeterminate slicing This  pre-1930 variety is an  early producer of   4-6 ounce, scarlet fruit. A great cooler temperature, short season variety.
‘Carbon’ open pollinated, indeterminate slicing A late season producer of 8-12 oz fruit in a flattened globe shape.  Skin color and flesh are one of the darkest ‘black’ tomatoes. Crack resistant. Grows to 5 ft.
‘Cherry Chocolate’* open pollinated, indeterminate  cherry Clusters of 1 inch globes colored  brick red with deep chocolate shading. Grows 5-6 ft.
‘Early Girl’ hybrid, indeterminate slicing Early, productive. Flavorful 4 to 5 oz red fruits.
‘Striped German’  open pollinated, indeterminate  beefsteak A mid season producer of 2 lb fruits that are a  beautiful mix of  yellow and red flesh. Grows to 7 ft.
‘Green Zebra’ open pollinated, indeterminate slicing 2″ round fruit ripens to yellow-gold with dark green zebra-like striped skin, lime-emerald flesh.
‘Kellogg’s Breakfast’* open pollinated, indeterminate beefsteak Brilliant orange, meaty fruits 4″ to 5″ diameter.
‘Lemon Boy’ hybrid, indeterminate slicing Perfect for slicing to reveal the delicious, lemon-colored flesh. With a more intense, meaty, and slightly tangy taste.
‘Park’s Beefy Boy’ hybrid, indeterminate beefsteak Yields deep red 12-16 oz fruit
‘Red Zebra’* open pollinated, indeterminate slicing An early bearer of  4 oz round, red fruit with golden stripes. Grows to 6 ft.
‘Super Marzano’ hybrid, indeterminate sauce A hybid version of favorite San Marzano yields large, pear shaped fruit about 5 inches long. VFNT resistant
‘Sunsugar’ hybrid, indeterminate cherry A golden yellow beauty achieves a new level of sugar-sweetness and flavor, superb texture, and a tangy “true tomato” taste. Crack resistant. Early and heavy producer. Grows to 6 ft.
‘Super Snow White’* open pollinated, indeterminate cherry Very sweet, 2 oz., ivory-colored tomatoes ripen to the size of ping pong balls. Grows to 7 ft.
‘Super Sweet 100’ hybrid, indeterminate cherry scarlet, cherry-sized fruits produced in long, pendulous clusters until frost. Requires staking.
‘Vorlon’ * open pollinated, indeterminate beefsteak a purple-black tomato  with dark flesh and  rich, smoky, organic taste begins to yield 1 pound fruits mid-season.


Variety Uses Description
‘Anaheim Chili’ stuffing, canning Mildly pungent for chili rellenos. 7″ to 8″ long, red-ripening fruits on tall plants. Excellent for drying. Tobacco mosaic tolerant.
‘Big Bertha’ fresh, cooking 7″ long fruit with thick walls, eventually matures to red color.
‘Big Red’ salad Abundance of 4″, thick-walled very sweet red peppers. Crisp and delicious.
‘Chablis Hybid’ cooking, salad Extra early maturity. Ripens orange to scarlet. Blocky, thick walls, 3″ to 4″, 18″ bush plants. Space saver, good in containers.
‘Early Jalapeño’ cooking, pickling, salsa Open pollinated. 3″ long peppers ripen red. Snappy, hot flavor.
‘Early Sunsation Hybrid’ fresh, cooking The earliest, biggest and brightest yellow bell ever! Very fine, extra-large, 4-1/2″, smooth fruits mature from green to bright golden-yellow, when they are at their sweetest.
‘Holy Mole Hybrid’ fresh, pickled, dried A chili pepper superb fresh, pickled, dried or ground. A 2007 All-American Selection.
‘Italian Pepperoncini’ Salads, stuffing, pickling Heirloom. AKA Tuscan peppers. Upright 30″ bushes. Loads of slender slightly wrinkle green to red peppers Pick when 2-4″.
‘Orange Sun’ fresh, cooking 3-4″ long fruits with medium thick walls, and color changing from deep green to orange. Erect 2 ft. plants.
‘Poblano Chili’  fresh, dried When used green, it is known as a Poblano, used in making chiles rellenos. When ripened to red and dried, this pepper is known as an Ancho;  The thick-walled, mildly hot fruit have a rich, mellow flavor.
‘Sweet Heat’ salads Pepperoncini style. Mild heat.
‘Super Thai’  fresh, cooking, ornamental  Upright clusters of 2″ to 3″ hot peppers. Mature bright red. Compact 16″ plants suited to containers. Ornamental. Thai Dragon type
‘Thai Hot’ ornamental, drying, salsa Delicious hot, zesty pepper, also ornamental. 1″ long fruit starts green and ripens to bright red on 18″ plants.
‘Thunderbolt’ salads, fresh, cooking Huge Marconi sweet peppers deliver exceptional flavor and texture, with thick walls Great fresh, fried or stuffed! Big yields of tapered peppers that mature from green to red.


Herb Description
Basil ‘Cinnamon’  Smaller than Sweet Basil, this narrower-leafed variety is known for its darker color and spicy, cinnamon-like aroma and taste. Has distinctive cinnamon-colored stems.
Basil ‘Lime’  A zesty variety of basil with a lime flavor that tastes great with salsa and fish.Pinch to bush out.
Basil ‘Purple Dark Opal’  A beautiful purple-leaved variety of basil adds color to any dish.Pinch to bush out.Cooking or heating the leaves will change the flavor so add them at the last minute to warm dishes
Basil ‘Italian Large Leaf’ Large plant with medium-dark green leaves up to 4″ long. Compared to Genovese, the scent and taste are sweeter. Slow to bolt.
Basil ‘Thai Hot’  A Thailand original that’s ornamental as well as edible. It’s stocky, 8” plants are covered with peppers that start out a deep green in color, then mature to bright red.
Cilantro ‘Confetti’ Frilly leaves have a vibrant flavor without the overpowering kick that some cilantro has.
Cilantro ‘Long Standing’ Plants deliver unbelievable yields of fragrant leaves.  Let them set seed and you have coriander, too!
Garlic Chives Use chopped leaves or flowers. Good container plant.
French Thyme Forms a pretty, low-growing shrub with cascading stems that are indispensable in the kitchen. Strongly aromatic evergreen French Thyme adds something special to soups, stews, and casseroles.
Rosemary Fragrant leaves used either fresh or dried.  Rosemary can winter over with protection.


Cucumber ‘True Lemon’  An heirloom variety with plump, yellow cucumbers.Fruits resemble a lemon, and have a faint lemony flavor.
Cucumber ‘Summer Dance’ A crisp, clean flavor in a Japanese burpless type cuke grows 8-9″ long.  Heat tolerant.
Eggplant ‘Florida High Bush’  Uniform pear-shaped fruits mature throughout the season.Fruit has purple-black skin.Plants branch and bear fruit high off the ground.  Bred in Florida in the early 1900s to withstand travel to market.
Eggplant ‘Round Mauve’  An eggplant variety  well-suited to container gardening.Fruit has thin, mauve skin. Flesh is white and not bitter. Best eaten when grown to the size of a tennis ball.
Kale ‘Atlantic Blue Curled’ Good cooked or fresh in salads. Grows best in cool weather.
Kale ‘Scarlet’ Broad, frilly, purple leaves grow on 2-3′ tall stalks.  Great for baby leaf. Also can be used as a bedding ornamental.
Swiss Chard ‘Five Color Silverbeet’  A vibrant rainbow chard mix that is a delight in any garden. Eat is fresh, steam, sauté, bake or freeze.
Swiss Chard ‘Red Rhubarb’  Dark red ribs enhance this tender and ornamental chard.  It can be grown in partial shade and in pots.
Tomatillo ‘Toma Verde’ Sweet tangy flavor essential for salsa and man;y southwestern dishes. Fruits are size of small tomatoes, green when ripe and husk is papery.
Tomatillo ‘Purple’ Beautiful purple fruit, large size. Many are a bright violet color throughout their flesh. Much sweeter than the green types.  Purple when ripe.
Washington State University