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Family Development

Program Contact: Program Contact: Family & Human Development Extension Educator
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WSU Chelan/Douglas County Extension offers parents and families, community professionals and volunteers a variety of educational programs and professional development and leadership training opportunities.  Children Cope with Divorce; Fit Fathers, Successful Families, Inside & Out ; and Strengthening Families Program 10-14 are two regularly-offered programs. In addition, we offer family yoga and special workshops as requested on topics related to helping children, youth, families, adults (and you!) thrive.

Featured Sources of Reliable, research based information for learning online on your time

Please see the links below for state and national resources on this topic.

Raising Happiness: a blog of “science for joyful kids and happier parents” created by the executive director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center aims to help make ” the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of raising happy children approachable. ”

Just in Time Parenting Browse online for tips from prenatal, school age kids 6-12 up to teens ages 13-18. Their newsletter provides monthly messages for on the development of children from 1month up to 5 years of age. Subscribe here.

National Parenting Education Network: NPEN is a national umbrella organization that supports parent educators. “The purpose of Parent Education s to foster the development of both parents and children and the relationship between them.”H. Ireton, NPEN member

Search Institute’s Parent Further website.

Talaris Research Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge of early brain development prenatal to age 5 for all who nurture children and this link provides useful updates on relevant research that can be read and used by parenting educators, teachers, parents and caregivers. This link will take you directly to the Talaris Research Spotlights page. Visit it regularly for updates.

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Parenting Media in WSU Chelan Douglas County Extension Office: Although the dates of some of these are old, their content is surprisingly still relevant. Resources are either free to check out, a small fee, and/or can be downloaded for free online at