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Why and How to Volunteer

Program Contact: Michelle Lain, 4-H Program Assistant
(509) 667-6540 •

How and Why to be a 4-H Volunteer

Be A Volunteer

  • To share your skills and knowledge with young people.
  • To emphasize family and community.
  • To help youth learn by doing.

Youth need volunteers who offer support and encouragement as they learn by doing.

As a Volunteer, You’ll Receive:

  • Learning materials furnished through Washington State University and access to other support materials.
  • Volunteer liability coverage at bonafide 4-H activities.
  •  Required leader training.

Ways to Volunteer

General Leader of a 4-H Club – assumes primary responsibility for a 4-H club/group. Meets at regular intervals with youth in a club format providing support, guidance, leadership, and direction

Project Leader – leads a specific project or curriculum within a club/group. A primary educator of skills and knowledge associated with a specific subject matter

Activity Leader – gives leadership to an event or activity within a club or short-term group

Resource Leader for a Club – serves as a source of expertise, an adviser, or in another resource capacity

Resource Volunteer for the County – may assist the county 4-H program in one or more of the following capacities

  • teaches a specific project or skill at a county workshop or short-term class.
  • helps with a county 4-H activity or event judges contests or activities promotes 4-H or assists with fundraising assists in the formation of new clubs.
  • recruits or trains new leaders. assists with clerical/office skills, grant writing, or newsletter

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