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Washington State University Extension

Harmony Rutter

Harmony Rutter is a “Jane of all Trades” and a tireless advocate who works to create and inspire a better world through sustainable living, science, technology, horticulture, active transportation, music and education. She grew up in Kitsap County and is so grateful to still call Western Washington home.  Her Pacific Northwest home has also included a 3-year tour of Western Oregon including Portland and Eugene. She very fondly remembers her childhood gardening experiences with her mom and the zucchinis that grew as big as her leg!
Harmony graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2008, with a Bachelor of Arts, where she was involved in the Vocal Music Program, Student Government, the School of Economics, and the School of Spanish Language and Culture. Over her career she has been in involved in non-profit, education, and private sector projects. She currently serves as the Music Director of Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. She has been involved in permaculture farming since 2014 and loves working in gardens, landscapes and farms. She graduated from the Master Gardener Program in May 2021 and was honored to accept a position with the Clallam County Extension Office. She strives to equitably serve the community, create sustainable food systems, support school gardens, and promote science-based gardening practices.
She loves calling the Sequim area home. You can reach Harmony at