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Category: MGs in the news

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Gardening with Moss

April 10, 2022 -- Beth Goodnight makes a case for embracing moss in the landscape.

How to Meadowscape in Your Garden

January 10, 2022 -- Beth Goodnight discusses meadowscaping in the ornamental garden.

How to Care for Orchids

December 12, 2021 -- Janis McBride tells us how to care for orchids.

From Garden to Table

September 12, 2021 -- Dave Anderson talks about the joy of growing then cooking with food from one's own garden.

Using Food-producing Plants in Your Ornamental Spaces

June 13, 2021 -- Bekah Marten tells how to use food-producing plants in the ornamental garden.

Learn to Build a Pacific Northwest Rain Garden

March 23, 2021 -- Christine Anderson tells how to build a rain garden.

Plant What’s Best for Your Garden: Different Plants for Pacific Northwest Growing

March 22, 2021 -- Bekah Marten discusses growing fruits and vegetables.

Amaryllis and Insects (2 articles in one publication)

March 2021 -- Liz Pikes educates us about amaryllis, and Bekah Marten talks about insects.

Fire Safety in The Landscape

February 22, 2021 -- John Moore talks about fire safety in the landscape and how to create defensible space.

Keeping Control of Your Grapes

January 27, 2021 -- Grape pruning workshop, including an interview with Stuart Campbell.
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