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Category: MGs in the news

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Preparing Your Garden for Winter –

-November, 2017-- Winter is all about layering, catching up after a busy summer, and feeding the soul from a pantry stocked with home-canned goods and…

New Seasons Market Supports MG Program –

-July 25, 2017-- New Seasons Market will be donating proceeds from their Bag It Forward program to the Master Gardener program.

Attract Wildlife To Your Clark County Backyard –

- July 6, 2017-- Wildlife can control insect pest populations, pollinate your crop plants, and improve soils, and they can be a delight to observe…

Clark College Students Install Drain at Community Greenhouse –

-June 21, 2017-- Wanna see college students working in the garden? Read why they got involved.

WSU SeriesTeaches Gardening –

-June 1, 2017- Evergreen Habitat for Humanity, Clark County Master Gardeners, and community volunteers make a great team. Read more about people coming together to…

Gardening for Our Friends, The Pollinators –

-May 25, 2017-- We depend on pollinators for the majority of the crops we eat. And at least 80 percent of all plant life depends…

Feed Your Soil to Add Nutrients That Were Depleted Last Year –

-April 25, 2017-- Soil is more than just a combination of sand, silt and clay. Between the non-living particles are whole populations of tiny creatures;…

Legendary Plant Sale Coming Soon! –

-April 5, 2017-- Get your vegetable starts, ornamental and fruiting plants of all varieties. And prices are low.

Julie Carlsen Clark County Green Volunteer Award Finalist –

-March 28, 2017-- Find out who was a finalist for the 2017 Clark County Green Volunteer of the Year Award.

Energy Adviser: Soil Content Critical for Native Plants –

-March 23, 2017-- Placing native plants in the right location with the right soil is important to their success…. Read more about native plants and…
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