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Tag: how to preserve salsa

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Jams & Jellies

Learn all the different kinds of jellied products including jams and the different ways to thicken your product.  You will also learn how to make…

Canning Fruits, Sauces, and Pie Fillings

Learn the basics of preserving fruits and fruit mixtures.  Discover how to can fruits with full or sugar or low sugar, how to make sauces,…

“You Can!” Canning Tomatoes and Salsas II

We are offering this class again!  Due to popular demand the first one sold out so sign up today before this one fills up! The…

“You Can!” Canning Tomatoes and Salsas

The many varieties of tomatoes can make preserving tomatoes and salsas challenging. Learn how you can safely preserve salsas and tomato products. This is the fourth…
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