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Civil Rights Compliance Tools

WSU Extension and Civil Rights

The USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), our federal funding partner, requires WSU Extension and WSU as recipients of federal funds to be in compliance with Civil Rights laws and to be able to demonstrate compliance through documentation. CAHNRS monitors civil rights compliance for 39 county Extension offices and one sovereign nation to ensure current staff understands our civil rights policies and procedures and the roles and expectations for each member of the WSU Extension team. This page contains the information, tools and resources you need as an employee, leader, educator, volunteer, etc., to ensure civil rights compliance.

  • CAHNRS Statement of Commitment to Nondiscrimination (print/display in County Offices)
  • WSU Extension Civil Rights Policies and Procedures (under review for update)

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Contact the CAHNRS Civil Rights Liaison

John Snyder

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County Civil Rights SharePoint site

This SharePoint site is used as a tool for housing your County Civil Rights files electronically. Each county has their own folder and a pre-labeled series of electronic folders to assist you in saving your documentation appropriately.

County Civil Rights Checklist and Filing Guide

County Directors should use this checklist to lead faculty and staff annually to review progress toward the goals outlined in their County Civil Rights Plan, and to make office compliance procedures and files up-to-date. All forms and information referenced below are included in this checklist.