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English Recipes

Below are links (pdf) to recipes formatted to meet the standards of the Washington State EFNEP program. They are outlined to match the appropriate lesson within the Eating Smart-Being Active curriculum. All recipes are adapted to be completed in a classroom and may require use of an electric skillet. An oven or stove top should be not be required for in-class recipes.

ESBA Curriculum outline

  1. Get Moving!
  2. My Healthy Plate
  3. Plan, Shop, $ave
  4. Fruits & Veggies: Half Your Plate
  5. Make Half Your Grains Whole
  6. Go Lean with Protein
  7. Build Strong Bones (Calcium & Vitamin D)
  8. Make a Change (Sugar, Fat & Salt)
  9. Celebrate!

two African american women with lovely hair are making pasta in a kitchen with white brick walls