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WSU Farmers Network

2019 February 19

News & Updates

We are in the process of migrating the webpage to a new server offering a rich set of features to our farming community.   The new website release is expected in March 2019.  If there is a feature and/or information that you would like to see on the new website, please contact Keith Curran (509) 288-2324 or email your request in writing.


The mission of the Washington State University (WSU) Farmers Network is to advance soil and nutrient management, crop productivity, farm sustainability and profit through collaborative research, extension and on-farm participatory learning.

Our specific goals are to:

  • Facilitate information and idea sharing between farmers agronomists, researchers and other interested stakeholders;
  • Identify research and extension needs;
  • Engage farmers and agronomists in collaborative, precision on-farm experimentation and testing using state-of-the-art science and technologies;
  • Provide extension programs;
  • Generate scientific publications and extension bulletins; 
  • Seek funding support.

By directly participating in the research on their own farms, farmers learn first-hand which practices are better choices and how to fine-tune their own nutrient management systems.


The WSU Farmers Network will continuously generate cloud-based big data through on-farm precision experimentation, providing a gold mine of information that can be continuously updated and disseminated to farmers, crop advisors, industry, and other interested stakeholders. In turn, uncertainty in decision-making can be continuously reduced. Advanced data analysis will provide farmers and agronomists with user-friendly models to better predict the optimum rate, form, timing, and placement of nutrients for field-specific environments. Decision-support expert system will allow farmers and their crop advisors to make the best management practice choices for resource optimization and economic returns.