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Team Award

This year the Food Safety and Sanitation Steering Committee proudly presents the inaugural Food Safety and Sanitation Team Award!  This is a separate award from the Line Worker Award, which focuses on the individual.  The Committee wants to spotlight excellence in your facilities, because we know that it takes a team to create a food safety culture.  The Team Award packet is attached to this email.

2019 Food Safety & Sanitation Team Award Guidelines packet for download

Major Criteria for Evaluation Include

  1. The team enhances the food safety culture in the whole company
  2. Comes up with new/innovative practices that contributed to enrichment of food safety culture
  3. Impacted the food safety system, for example by reducing the amount of “on hold” product year over year, and etc.
  4. Clear evidence that the effective “product or output” of the team effort exceeds the simple sum of the parts contributed by individual members
  5. Effective integration across units and functions of the company
  6. Recognition by colleagues, professional groups, industry, public agencies, and etc.

Award Packets Needs to Include

  • Award Packet Cover Form
  • Application Specifics per Award Guidelines
  • Letters of Support
  • 300 word biography
  • A high resolution photo
  • Deadline for application submissions is September 27, 2019 by 5 pm

Selection Process

Selection committee will review the award nomination packets and make their decision.  The Team Award finalist will be announced at the Food Safety & Sanitation Workshop in November.

Food Safety and Sanitation Team Award Finalist

  • The team will be recognized at the workshop in November
  • A plaque will be presented to the team
  • We encourage any team members who are nominated to attend the workshop!