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4-H Fair Resources

Posted by tracie_hanson | July 1, 2022
4-H Fair Still Life Entries

It will be a “Goat-Load of Fun” this year from August 10-13 since members have been learning while raising/training animals, taking photos, making cookies/posters/creative arts, growing plants, building robots, giving presentations, and more! We are also excited to use the FairEntry online registration platform this year.  Attached and included below are resources to support you through the process.

FairEntry Online Fair Registration Resources

> Explore the attached 4-H Exhibitor Guide (describes opportunities and entry details) this resource is also available at> Sign in to FairEntry at using the same email address and password as 4-H Online> Check out the Video Demonstrating the Entry Process for Families (3:00) > Dive into the details of the FairEntry Step-by-Step Guide, available at

GH Fair Resources (attached and available at> Camping Reservation Form (submit to GHC Fairgrounds office on or after July 15)> 4-H Club & FFA Exhibitor Pass Order Form (Due to GHC Fairgrounds office by July 15)

GH 4-H Fair Dates> 4-H Fair Exhibitor Overview (attached)> Submit Animal Entry Info by Friday, July 15

> Submit Equine Entry Info by Tuesday, July 26

All other 4-H entry information can be submitted at the dates and times described below. (Contact us if alternate arrangements need to be made.)

Bring 4-H Still Life Exhibits (photos, creative arts, posters, etc.) to the WSU Extension office
> July 25-28 (10a-4p)
> Aug 1-4 (10a-4p)

Bring 4-H Still Life Exhibits (photos, creative arts, posters, etc.) to GHC Fair Pavilion
> Aug 7 (1-6 pm)

Bring 4-H Still Life Exhibits (fruits, veggies, flowers, baked goods)> Aug 9 (1-6 pm)